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  • Written by Hassan Ahmad

Reverse image search is an online engine which is basically a tool allowing you to search for a specific thing through the use of pictures. This search engine tool enables you to insert a picture and then after searching, it shows you all the related images regarding your initial search and also provides you the information about the place where the picture was uploaded. This tool has become extremely helpful for individuals as it has enabled them to search for information about even the objects they have absolutely no knowledge about and do not know the name of.


There are multiple purposes for which the reverse image tool can be used. The tool is brought into use for the following purposes which have been mentioned below (These are only some of the points from the list of uses):

- To search for pictures of the same object but in a better resolution,
- To track down the origin of a certain picture,
- Gaining knowledge about a specific unknown place or a piece of art,
- To track down the social media accounts by bringing into use the facial recognition feature.


With the summer approaching, people are always excited to pack up their heavy clothes and garments and take out the lighter ones. Summer clothing always excites people and the new, changing trends every year are always a source of joy for individuals. The image search tool can be really helpful for you to look for your favorite summer outfits. You have to put your favorite outfit in the search engine and you can get similar ideas about how to style up the outfit in more ways. The first and foremost thing is to learn how to find your favorite summer outfits through the use of image search tool:

NOTE: This is only for the most commonly used search engine i.e. Google. However, it is NOT the only search engine available, there are a variety of more.

Go to the Google tab. In the search bar, the camera icon is displayed. Click on that icon. The second step involves giving you two options to help you search for your outfit image in a better way. You can either paste the URL of the picture or upload/drag the picture directly into the bar. Then press the ‘’search by image’’ button and the rest is Google’s job. It will provide you with all the related images and all the information that you are require about the specific thing you are searching for.

Through the use of this search engine, you can not only search for related ideas to make your outfit look appealing or eye-catchy but you can also search for the origin of the dress which is attracting you in case you want to purchase it.


There are a number of other really popular search engines which can be used to search for your favorite summer outfits. These search engines include yahoo, Binge, yandex, camfind and so many more. Although it might vary from person to person, but when it comes down to the best working reverse search engine, the most voted one is considered to be Google.

When brought in comparison to other websites, this site has the biggest catalogue of images which is available. Google brought forward the feature of reverse image search back in June 2011. Ever since then, it has been widely and commonly used to search for quality images. Google has been making use of different algorithms such as dimensions, resolution, color, form and so much more to help look for the picture.


Well you saw your neighbor wearing that cool, chic outfit? Looking absolutely stunning? And the urge to get your hands on it too or something similar is pretty natural. Now, your favorite outfit is just one click away.

All you need is the photo of that specific outfit or some engines do not even require you to capture the picture, they just want you to bring the camera lens closer to the dress you are attracted to. It then detects the dress. The engine will then provide to you its result by returning to you different related items as per your requirement. And then you can purchase the item you like. It is as simple as that.

In times of bloggers and instagram influencers, this feature will brought be extremely helpful for users to get hold of their favorite fashion looks at affordable prices and in pocket-friendly ranges. This feature has been such a big source of help for the users because they can now step into the world of fashion by just a single click.


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