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A level 2 electrician is a person who has been trained in the area of electrical wiring and safety. Level 2 electricians are not typically superintendents or foremen, but they are able to work both "on the tools" and supervise other workers while performing their own job duties. 

Level 2 electricians can learn high voltage techniques that include working with line equipment up to 35KV. They have knowledge of how the theory behind AC circuits, low voltage wiring, motors/generators, transformers, 3-phase equipment, controls & protective devices. Level 2 electricians in Sydney are skilled at troubleshooting techniques used when dealing with electrical problems on site.

The key role of the Level 2 electrician is to ensure that systems are installed properly and inspected by a Level 1 or Level 3 electrician. Level 2 safety training includes electrical safety, OSHA standards and other applicable safety standards while working on site. Level 2 electricians must be able to read prints & diagrams, understand operating instructions of equipment and know-how to work with blueprints/layouts. Level 2 electricians also perform regular maintenance on all electrical equipment.

Supervising level 1 or journeyman electrician is the main job function of Level 2 employees. They are typically assigned many small projects at one time with specific deadlines for the completion of each project. Projects include lighting circuits, low voltage wiring, control circuits & special house service wiring (external meters). Level 2 electricians can plan out their own schedule depending on what the project entails. Level 2 electricians are expected to know how to do all work assigned by level 3 supervisors or contractors, which can include heavy equipment if necessary.

These employees typically get entry-level positions with experience in electrical apprenticeships, cooperative education programs or technical schools. Level 2 electricians should strive for more training and look towards level 3 certification once they become level 2 electricians. Level 1 employees may be able to advance their careers into supervisory positions while Level 3 employees achieve the highest position within the company, allowing them to train others and perform even higher-level tasks.

Call a level 2 electrician today if you have an electrical emergency. Level 2 electricians are able to handle any type of issue that is related to electricity, from installing new light switches and electrical sockets to wiring appliances and motorized issues.

No matter what type of repair or installation you need done with your home's wiring, level 2 electricians have the knowledge and skills to get the job done. Level 2 electricians are concerned with all of a home's electrical needs, from installing new wiring for a washer and dryer to troubleshooting an outdoor light that is not working properly. These electricians can also install a dishwasher, oven or refrigerator. Level 2 electricians are experienced and professional and know how to provide the repairs that you need to be done.


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