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If you are planning a trip to Beijing and want to make sure that you don't miss out on the best things to do while you are there, then we have you covered; we have compiled a list of some of the tops places to visit in Beijing to ensure you have the most memorable trip possible! Getting to Beijing is also quite easy, with flights from Singapore to Beijing only taking 6 hours direct.

1) The Great Wall of China

What better way to start than with the most famous wall in the world; the wall covers more than 13,000 miles across much of the northern border of China, however, around 350 of these miles are in Beijing. There are nine specific sections of the wall that are the most popular, so you certainly don't need to spend your time trying to complete the entire 300 odd miles, although of course, you can do if you are up for the challenge. Among some of the best sections of the wall to visit are;

Gubeikou - This part of the wall is home to a great ancient battle, where the remains of the battlefield can still be seen.

Badaling - Probably the most famous section among tourists due to the absolute astounding beauty that surrounds this entire area.

Huanghuacheng - This section is very unique since many areas are enveloped by water, this also makes for some truly stunning scenery.

Jiankou - Be warned that this is the most difficult section to walk, it is even a little dangerous in places, but at the same time the reward of visiting this part is the wild and outrageous mountain scenery that is completely unforgettable.

2) The Forbidden City

In central Beijing, you will find this magnificent palace complex that was built just over 600 years ago. It was originally constructed as a place to house emperors and their families, and was the center of politics for the Chinese government. While it is no longer used for either of these purposes, the palace and its surrounding areas are still a major tourist attraction since it is now used to house the palace museum. The museum has an extensive artwork and artifact collection that have been preserved since the Ming dynasty, and is an important part of Chinese history. The Forbidden City is a World Heritage Site, and is definitely not a sight to be missed!

3) The Summer Palace

If you love nature then this is a great place to visit; the Summer Palace is a collection of a large number of lakes, palaces, and gardens - it is so special in fact, that during the Qing dynasty, it served as an imperial garden. Around twenty years ago UNESCO declared it to be a World Heritage Site, saying the landscape and design of the Summer Palace was a masterpiece. The Summer Palace is located in central Beijing and includes a vast amount of bridges, sculptures, and pavilions, as well as the lakes and gardens, for you to explore.

Beijing is a truly incredible city, everywhere you go you will feel like you are a part of the intricate and ancient history, and the remarkable sights and surroundings will leave you wanting to go back for more!


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