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The Whitsundays are always a good idea to visit, no matter the season. Whether it’s January or July, you’ll want to see what this beautiful destination is all about. There is never a dull moment in these parts, and you should take a trip there whenever you can in a cheap campervan hire.


It’s a place that many people book for their vacations. Visitors from around the world show up often, as do Australians. No matter where you’re from, everyone can agree that the Whitsundays are a must-visit destination. December is an especially great time to see this part of Australia and the following 5 reasons will tell you why:


1. It’s a great place to spend the holidays. There are several gorgeous islands in this area that will make any celebration a pleasant one. No matter which one you choose to visit, you can be sure it will be a fabulous spot for enjoying the holidays. Whether you have some vacation time and want to use it for a beach vacation or you are traveling with family, a holiday escape to the Whitsundays in December is an excellent idea. There are charming resorts to stay at, campgrounds to camp at, or vacation homes to rent.

2. The weather is warm.
The weather is warm in the Whitsundays in December, which means that you can fully partake of the water sports and things to do while in the area. Because you are surrounded by ocean in the Whitsundays, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the water and practice the activities that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

3. There are fun celebrations going on.
The islands come alive in December with several activities to do. From sporting events to festivals and holiday events, the Whitsundays are more happening than normal during the month of December. If you want to be somewhere lively and fun during the holidays, this is a great destination.

4. It’s a great destination for bringing in the new year.
A beach destination for an end-of-the-year holiday? Why not? It’s a destination with beautiful views, clear waters, and plenty to do. If you’re young and footloose, the Whitsundays are actually great for a party holiday at the local nightclubs and resorts. If you’re looking for something to do in Australia that will give you the feel of an exotic vacation, without having to go too far, book a trip to the Whitsundays.

5. The kids can get to enjoy this beautiful destination while off for holiday vacation
. The children are finally out of school and you’re looking for a destination where they can blow off some steam and enjoy time playing and having fun. Why not consider the Whitsundays? It’s gorgeous, there are several activities that they can partake in, and it’s a great spot for celebrating the holiday.


If you haven’t been to Whitsundays yet, you may wonder what the fuss is all about. It’s a beach destination, but instead of being just one beach to visit, there are several to see. Following are highlights of this beautiful set of islands located in Australia:


  • You can go skydiving over one of the most beautiful places around. Can you just imagine seeing this area from above? Well, why not see it in one of the most adventurous ways possible. Jump out of a plane over the gorgeous turquoise waters and get the best view around. 

  • The Great Barrier Reef is an excellent place for snorkeling and diving. You can easily visit this iconic underwater destination that many people die to visit. If you’re already planning a trip to the area, make sure to schedule a visit to snorkel or dive in the area. This is definitely something that you will want to do at least once in your life, so why not do it during your holiday at the Whitsundays?

  • There is opportunity for sailing tours to see all the islands. If you prefer staying above water, consider sailing around to get to know as many islands as possible. You’ll ride in style but still get to enjoy views of marine life and nature at its finest.

  • It has plenty of family-friendly beaches to visit. Are you looking for places to go with the little ones? The plethora of beaches make it easy to have a good time with kids. Take your pick; there are several beautiful places with shallow waters to choose from.


With the holidays in swing and the atmosphere one of joy, why not consider a trip to the Whitsundays? You can be sure that there is enough to keep you busy for a long time, and you’d be able to rent an affordable vehicle to go there. Whether you choose to stay in one spot or you move around to get to know as much as possible, it is bound to be a satisfying experience.


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