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  • Written by Rochelle Blanch

The new app that links emotions to daily events - helping users increase self-awareness and improve life path.

Expressing and writing down your deepest thoughts and fears can be a scary idea for some. However according to a recent study1, journaling can improve physical and mental health. Now there is an app which acts as a personal, private journal and gives the user insight into their own behavioural and emotional patterns.

Realifex stands for Real Life Experience and allows users to record their own life experiences as they occur and with each event the user can record the impact of each experience and how it made them feel. The app helps encourage users to better define their own life path through increased self-awareness and make more educated choices based on their own experience and goals. In a world where stories are told, but no longer lived, Realifex aims to give control back to the individual. The app encourages daily introspection and allows users to be more mindful of their own life and direction.

Alex Prate, founder of Realifex, believes this app is exactly what people need to make themselves more aware of their moods and routines.

“It became obvious to me, after discussions with people about their lives, that very few are living the life they’d previously aspired to. The majority of people let life happen to them, instead of directing their intention to create their dream life. I believe only a small minority of people think deeply and regularly about what could positively influence their life and follow their own path,” says Alex.

“For this reason I created Realifex, to help individuals understand their life experiences and emotions with more clarity and hopefully use this information to guide them down the right path for the future. In this day and age everyone is on their phones all the time, this app utilises that habit and turns into a positive by allowing users to become more mindful of their own perception of life. Rather than people hiding behind their phone, they can use their phone to make better life choices to suit their lifestyles,” says Alex.

Realifex contains many features that help users organise their thoughts and emotions. These include:
- Life Flow - users can insert or search for #topics included in their notes
- Life Map – users can see where they feel, whether positively or negatively
- Life Path - sees trends in the users’ emotions over time
- Life Focus - sees which aspects of the users’ life influences them the most and in a positive or negative way
- Life Summary - sees an overview of the users’ life, how they feel and the combined impact of the users experiences.

Realifex captures lifes’ experiences privately. It enriches the users’ thoughts with contextual data and creates meaningful insights about their lives

“When users look back at the notes they have made and they see that the hashtag #work is always associated with a negative emotion, it may be that their job is causing them too much stress or unhappiness. Therefore they need to make a choice whether to leave their current job and find something that is more satisfying for them. The app is simply to make users more aware in order to make positive changes to their life,” says Alex.

Realifex has been designed for both the iPhone and Apple Watch. The Apple Watch allows users to quickly dictate their thoughts into the app. From October, Realifex will be incorporating more features which include the ability to add photos to Life Flow notes as well as contextual data like heart rate, weather, steps, calories and sleep. There will also be the ability to explore life on multiple angles like time, categories, perception, heart rate, activity, weather. This will help the user better understand their emotional and behaviour patterns.

Realifex is currently available from the Apple App store and has a free 10 day trial period. Realifex is available to purchase for $1.25 a month for 12 months.
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