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  • Written by Andrea Edwards
Alba Gomez
Alba Gomez

Why you should throw out the fruit bowl when it comes to dressing for your body shape

Forget about apples and pears when it comes to your body shape, it’s a misleading and outdated comparison that will do nothing for you or your wardrobe.

International image consultant Alba Gomez said by the time clients come to her they are so confused about what their shape is, they’ve got no idea how to dress for it.

“There is a comprehensive but simple science behind the art of image and style that makes enhancing your assets and camouflaging areas you don’t like, so much easier,” Ms Gomez said.

“It’s something a lot of people, even designers and those in the industry struggle with – how many times have you opened up the fashion pages and thought what is she wearing.”

“It’s not about following the latest fashion trends but learning what styles and colours work best for you as an individual.”

“Knowing your proportions is key to ensuring a balanced silhouette and it’s where many women can go wrong – they think they’re a pear, but don’t take into account their neck length, torso length or face and shoulder shape.”

So frustrated was she about the confusion women have, Ms Gomez has authored a guide called “Exposing the Fruity Body Shape Myths”.

“It’s all about balance, for example I have very small shoulders so need to look for capped sleeves rather than spaghetti straps to balance out my hips.”

“This common-sense approach will turn the way you look at clothes on its head, for so long women have been misinformed and uneducated about how they should dress.”

“Importantly it shouldn’t be a case of one size fits all, as no two women are the same, everyone, even identical twins have their own characteristics that make them unique – your style is also about your personality.”

“Everyone can look and feel good on any budget as long as they follow some simple steps.”

Alba Gomez’s top five tips to get started;

  • Love yourself; You have to be happy with yourself so go back to basics, look at what you get enjoyment from and who you are without the labels. Re-connect with your essence and embrace who you are and how you got there, wrinkles, extra kilos and all!

  • Identify your body shape; Yes, this means stripping down naked in front of the mirror and taking a good look at yourself. Your body shape is the shape from your shoulders, upper body through to your lower body and your waist. Place a ruler under your arm on the outside of your body and look at the which way it slants to help work out your shape. Use this time also to critically access what parts of your body you want to accent or hide.

  • The hourglass rule; Now you know your shape visualise it and place an imaginary hourglass over it, this will help you determine what you need to do to balance your torso and your hips. If you’re bigger down below add width to your upper body, while if you are rounder around the waist try to elongate your body by drawing attention toward your face with accessories.

  • The Vital V; This is the area between the tips of your shoulder and the front of your chest. Neuroscientific evidence shows that everything in this area is always noticed in the first 30 seconds of meeting someone, so you want to make sure it’s a good first impression. Consider your face shape and neck length when choosing collars, necklines and accessories.

  • Don’t follow fashion; It’s great to stay on top of current trends but what point is there in wearing a shade of yellow that’s ‘in’ if it makes you look jaundice or overalls that make you look like an Oompa Loompa. It’s far more important to learn the lines and cuts of clothes that suit your body shape. For example, a straight or tapered skirt can be slimming and add height. And don’t forget the golden rule to wear appropriate underwear, even the most amazing outfit can be let down by ill-fitting undergarments.

“We can all get caught up in a rut of wearing clothes to hide our bodies or with what is in fashion that we forget to focus on the most important aspect, what balances our body shape.”

“It’s a simple principle that will mean you can create an exciting and functional wardrobe on any budget.”

Alba has created a program to help women be the best version of themselves and better understand their body shape. It’s called “Exposing the ‘fruity’ body shape myths” and includes tips on how to be stylish and successful. Normally $97, it’s available online at no cost –

About Alba Gomez

Colombian born Alba Gomez is an international image consultant and personal brand coach who helps women find their individual style, giving them confidence to take on the world. She is passionate about working with women to transform their lives from the inside out.

She brings a Latin cultural flair to her business – in Colombia everyone loves to look and feel their best.

Alba transformed herself from an unhappy teenager who was bullied for wearing braces and thick glasses to become successful in her career, spending 14 years as an engineer before embarking on her passion for helping women feel good about how they look in her adopted country Australia.

She is the author of Transform Your Style in 21 days and 7 Ways to WOW with your first impression. Alba regularly travels the world for speaking, mentoring and coaching engagements and has been nominated for Telstra Business Woman of the Year and has won a Nifnex Influential 100 Award.


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