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  • Written by Sophia Smith

Caring too much about how we look and spending hours on end figuring out what to wear are sometimes considered superficial. But is it really? When you think about why you do these things, it is because you want to feel and look a certain way. Also, because you want to leave a good impression on someone. In some cases, our outfit can tell a lot about who we are, and what is more important, it can help us create a different version of ourselves. It might sound silly, but here are some examples of how it actually works.

Comfort all the way


In the past women have been taught they have to endure a lot for the sake of beauty. Today, when times have changed, the emphasis is on comfort and wearing something that feels like you. Aside from the practical reasons like being able to do all your daily activities without being in something short or tight, there are other explanations about why it is important to wear comfortable clothes. Many deal with self-image issues, although they won't admit it. They feel insecure in their skin or maybe uncomfortable among other people.

The role of the clothes you are wearing in these situations is to relax you and provide safety in a way. Wearing loose fitting jeans when you feel insecure about your thighs, sneakers because you don't know how to walk in heels, or sunglasses to hide the undereye bags you have been dealing with your whole life; although trivial, these things really make a difference in people's heads, and that is a perfect place to start. The color black is flattering because it hides our weight, casual blazers are very trendy, and they do a great job in covering your behind if that is what you want. Mom jeans are huge right now, and they accentuate your waist and make your legs look thinner. Those pieces are all comfortable, yet very chic and easy to style.

Create your own style


There are many brands whose trends are being followed blindly these days. It is a fact that they are trendy and fashionable, yet they don’t suit everyone. A hot trend right now is mini denim skirts, but if you don’t like them or feel comfortable wearing them, you should stay away. What you should do is create your own, unique style, something that represents you as a person and makes you feel free. It will be easier for you to do this when you understand that we are all different and there is beauty in everyone. If you are having trouble finding what best represents you, you can always look for inspiration online. You could also look to custom printing to improve your fashion articles. Investing in a quality purse or heels is something that helps bring the whole look together. Some of the best Australian clutch bags you can find in online shops will make it easier for you to discover your style and find out what works best for you.

A change of mindset when working out


How many times have you gone to the gym in old clothes that were just lying around your house and felt insecure and not really motivated? Well, in these cases, your wardrobe plays a big role in making you feel ready to give your best. The next time you pick your gym clothes, don't shy away from getting cute leggings and tops because no matter how weird it sounds to you, they really do the job. The trick is that you start thinking differently and teach your brain to be more awake and motivated when you are wearing gym wear. Look like a winner, feel like a winner. That is the motto here.

Power clothes to make a statement

We already established that clothes are not what makes a man, but in a lot of cases, it can say a lot about who you are as a person. For more formal or even important casual occasions, remember to consider stylish dresses as they always create a lasting impression. This is especially important when preparing for a job interview. There are researches that say that men in navy blue looked more confident and capable, and also gave out a sense of calm and security. All-black clothes are considered a good fit for someone who is an authority figure. For women, lighter colors like grey and nude are the best choices.

Now, why is this so important? Sometimes you may not feel really motivated or ready for a job interview or even to go to work. Dressing nicely and wearing power clothes in these situations is important because it, in a way, creates a new personality in us we want to explore a bit more. You don't change your personality, you simply set a different mood for your work area, and are able to do everything easier. The key is that we improve our self-image every day, little by little, and this leads to better long-term results.

We should dress for the occasion, that’s sort of a given. However, the key is to wear something that feels natural to us, because only then will we be comfortable enough to be our true selves. So, make it a habit to use clothes as a statement about who you are.


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