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Summer comes with beach parties and pool parties to refresh the body from the rising temperature. Every woman who wishes to hit the beach or pool has been blessed with the most appropriate outfit. Bikinis are there to make your summer parties more enjoyable and exciting.

Bikinis were found in 1946, and its variants are increasing as the days are passing. It is not just for the beaches anymore. Showing off your sexy curves is always a pleasure. How about bikinis for this purpose too?

Choosing the right bikini is always a problem, but you are now blessed with swimwear online. There are several choices online. Every variant is appealing, and you would wish to buy every article. But how to choose the best one? Before you choose the right bikini, you must know that the variants are numerous and you should know the right bikini for your body type.

Here is a list of bikinis that you must know to end the frustration of choosing the right bikini for your sexy body.

  1. Strapless Bikini

Are you searching for a strapless option? Are strapless bikinis the right option? They are also called the bandeau bikinis. It has a bandeau bra that completely covers the bust. Most women prefer this bikini to avoid tan lines.

This bikini has straps as well for those who do not feel secure or try a different look from the same bikini. But the advantage is, the straps are removable. You can call it a two in one option. Strapless bikini is more revealing than other options, yet it looks elegant and stylish.

Bandeau bikini is most appropriate for hourglass-shaped or skimpy bodies. The option is completely inappropriate for women with the heavy bust.

  1. Multi-String Bikini

Sexy collar bones and sharp shaped shoulders have a good choice called a multi-string bikini. The bra has several strings that end up a halter at the nape of the neck. This different design of the strings around the neck also gives it the name ‘halter bikinis’.

The strap style is very different from the other bikini types. Others have two straps that cover the shoulders. This one has an innovative design which makes it appealing for you to buy and others to envy your body.

Women with very broad shoulders should not choose this because it will give them a broader than usual look. Sharp shoulder bones look steaming in halter bikinis.

  1. String Bikinis

If you are bold enough to make the environment steamier, get a string bikini for your next beach party. Two thin strings cover your shoulder at the back of the neck. Strings from the back but tie up at the back. You get a backless feel. You may also find it by the name ripple bikini.

The waistline is also covered with strings only. And this is a terrific option for the women who dare to look sexier or have an hourglass-shaped body. Women with heavy busts and thighs should completely avoid it because of the material and coverage of the bra.

  1. Microkini

For skinny and skimpy women, this can be another alternative. The microkini provides minimal coverage to the genitals. Therefore, you must have the guts to wear it in public. The bra is a bit tube-shaped that can be adjusted according to your convenience. It is a very exposing bikini that only has thin strips to keep you safe from mishaps.

If you are bold and look extremely steamy is the target, then this is a perfect choice. Women with larger busts should avoid it as the coverage is minimal and heavy busts need extra support which these thin strips cannot provide.

  1. Tankini

Are you searching for a decent yet appealing option in bikinis? A tankini might satisfy you. And this is the most modern type of bikini that is an option for every body type. Do not worry if you have a heavy bust, broad shoulder area, or heavy thighs. The tankini can help everyone look sizzling at the beach.

It provides better coverage. The bra resembles a sports bra. You may also find a single piece of swimwear that covers the entire body with perfection. That is why body type does not matter.

  1. Sling Bikini

Also known as slingshots and suspender bikinis, it is another one-piece swimwear. It has minimal coverage but better than a microkini. The coverage is a bit different that gives this bikini an entirely different look. The strings go from the back of the neck and connect with the strings on the waist, leaving both sides of the torso bare.

Slingshots have another variation in which the strings cover the neck and the midriff. The torso and back are completely bare.

Women with a perfectly toned body look gorgeous in this bikini.

  1. High Neck Bikini

High neck bikinis cover the bust area completely. The bra has a netted top that gives you complete coverage. The lower half of the bikini provides maximum overage to the lower abdomen. It is a decent option and convenient for surfing, beach games, and other water sports.

  1. Trikini

It is a unique design in the bikini section. It comes with two triangular pieces of fabric that cover the breasts and a bottom. The dazzling piece is quite revealing and best for skinny women. If you are bulky, do not worry because you can enjoy trikinis as well.

  1. Skirtini

As the name suggests, the bottom is a short skirt that covers the belly region appropriately. The bra provides better coverage to the bust. This a decent option for you and an appropriate choice for high school parties. Women with a slim waist must choose this option. Women with a broader waist must avoid pulling it off because the short skirt will portray the waist broader than reality.

  1. High-Waisted Bikini

Women who are uncomfortable in revealing the waistline but love to wear bikinis have now been saved. The bottom of this bikini has a high waist that entirely covers the waist area. The bra is not too revealing or covering. It is a good option for both light and heavy busts.


Bikinis have always been an easy option for women. From beach parties to pool parties, bikinis are the first choice of ladies when it’s time to show off their curves. Bikinis are not just for the curvy bodies, but everybody type can show off.

Finding the right bikini can be tough, but you have several choices now. You can choose the right one and daunt over steaming curves you have. There are several choices, but you have to make sure it fits your body type. The right bikini will make you look sexier. Take a look at the market and search the internet. You will get a lot of information, and you can easily choose a bikini to enjoy to the fullest this summer.


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