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Whether you are wearing yoga leggings for, well, doing yoga, or you just enjoy lounging around in them, there is no doubt they can be a very comfortable choice of attire. There are a huge range of different designers, styles, types and cuts and it can be hard to know what to look for in leggings you exercise in, as opposed to those you lounge or go out in. Here are some tips on how to choose the best leggings for yoga and otherwise.

Deciding between full-length leggings or capris

When it is winter full-length are warmer and then your capris type leggings are great for summer. Capris leggings are ones that end at the calf muscle and full length go to the ankles. Either is fine for actually doing yoga in though and it depends on whether you overheat easily or not. Your height is also a factor, petite women look better in capris as full-length are too long. Tall people would avoid capris leggings as they might ride up higher than you prefer.

Think about the fabric options

Synthetic leggings are best for Yoga as they allow your skin to breathe and you can stay cool as you work out in them. Leggings with mesh panels enhance breathability even more. Cotton is fine if you are not working out in them. You do get some little fibrous pills when you wash the synthetic leggings though. While it can happen with cotton leggings it is more likely in synthetic ones. Another fabric option is to look into bamboo yoga pants as they are very comfortable but they pill even worse than synthetic materials.

Relaxed or fitted

When doing yoga and working out, fitted leggings are best. They will not move around, slide up or down as you bend around. If you are just wearing leggings to go do some errands or hang out, then you might want relaxed. The relaxed yoga leggings were once very popular but fitted is more so now.

Mid-waisted or high-waisted

If you need more structure and support then you need high-waisted leggings. They are also better for yoga as they stay in place. Mid-waisted leggings are great for casual wear but less so for actual yoga or exercise purposes as they fall down more easily. If you are thinking about the drawstring waist that is best for leisure leggings, not ones you want to workout in as the knot can irritate and hurt you.

Thick yoga pants or thin

Thinner is better for real workouts and yoga as it allows your skin to breathe. Thicker leggings though are good for going to the shops as they offer better coverage. They are also better for colder months.

Have a gusset in the crotch

In yoga pants that you are working out in you want a gusset in the crotch area, they are a lot more comfortable and things do not ride up where you do not want them. If you are not using them to workout you can get the one long seam types.


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