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With November coming slowly but steadily, we start counting the days until the end of 2019. That’s another year that passed by really fast and we are looking forward to the new one to come. But, the end of the year also brings lots of holidays. That means many days to enjoy with your family and friends. And, we can’t celebrate without a feast, right?

When it comes to feasts, it might be hard and time-consuming to prepare them, but, in the end, we all enjoy them. We especially love great and mouth-filling food when it’s combined with the right drink. And, what’s the most common drink for the holiday feasts? It’s the wine, of course.

So, if you are the host, make sure you have enough wine in your home. And, if you are a guest, you can also take a bottle of wine as a gift for the host. Regardless if you are the host or the guest, you can easily find a good red and white wine online.

It’s said that wine is the drink of the Gods because it symbolized immortality, divinity, and fertility. That’s why it’s one of the most ancient alcoholic drinks in the world. And due to its variety of tastes and types, it’s one of the most common drinks today.

Regardless of the fact that wine is the typical drink paired with food during the holidays, we have to be careful when drinking in order to avoid unwanted situations. We don’t want to get drunk and make something stupid we will regret later. So, here are 5 tips for drinking wine during the holidays.

Eat Before You Drink

As the old saying states, “Never drink on empty stomach”. That doesn’t mean you should eat before the start of the feast. It means that you should take several bites from the food (the aperitif) served on the feast before you take a sip of wine. In this way, your stomach won’t be empty, thus you won’t get drunk from a couple of glasses. Plus, the alcohol won’t be the only thing your liver metabolizes, which helps protect it from major damage.

Don’t Mix Your Drinks

Having in mind that wine is the most common drink during the holidays, most of us will stick to it. Therefore, if you start with wine, don’t drink other beverages. It’s because if you mix different drinks, you will not only get drunk before you know it but you will also feel really bad. That’s why we suggest you always drink only wine. The only exception is having a glass of good scotch after dinner, but that’s all.

Drink In Moderation

You have probably heard the saying that “Moderation is key” a lot of times. That’s because it is for everything in life, including drinking. If you don’t want to get drunk and have pieces of a puzzle from the feast in your brain, you should drink in moderation. This means 3 glasses of wine for men and 2 for women. But, since it’s a holiday, you can deviate from the rule by a glass or two - no more than that.

The Small Sips Rule

Similarly to the rule of drinking in moderation, small sips are another way to go through the feast without drinking too much. It’s because by taking small sips instead of big gulps, you will avoid consuming a big concentration of alcohol at once. Also, you will need more time to drink one glass.

Drink Water

When drinking wine during a holiday feast, you should also drink water. It’s an unspoken rule that you should drink one glass of water for every glass of wine. This will help you stay sober while enjoying a good wine. It will also keep you hydrated and fresh and will slow down your consumption of alcohol. Although you will visit the toilet more often, your body will thank you.

Holidays aren’t an excuse for getting drunk and hangovers. It’s the time you should spend with your closest and enjoy the celebration sober. So, drink moderately, take small sips, and drink water. And, the most important, focus on your family and friends, not the wine.


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