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Undertaking a whole30 diet requires more than you’ve signed up for. Although being on a 30-day regime didn’t seem so daunting at first, it soon proves to be a challenge. The extremely limited choice of food which excludes sugar, daily products, alcohol and grains is probably too much to endure in a one month period.

However, spice lovers who crave for something chilly every time they sit at the table will be more than happy to find out that there’s one food which they are still allowed to consume, called hot sauce. It’s approved to be part of the diet, owing to its low-calorie and numerous health benefits.

Bear in mind that not all hot sauces are whole30-friendly, but you can always find ones which are, such as the whole30 buffalo hot sauce. These are some of their incredible health benefits.

Low in calories

Although sauces and dressings are known to contain plenty of sugar and fat, hot sauce is probably the only exception, as it’s surprisingly low in calories. Unlike other condiments which are used in bigger quantities in order to feel their taste, hot sauce gives your dish a strong flavor by adding no more than a teaspoon. Your food gets the chilly taste you wanted by consuming less than five calories.

Aids weight loss

Apart from being a low-calorie condiment, the primary hot sauce benefits come from containing an incredible compound called capsaicin. It speeds up the work of your metabolism which consequently leads to burning of more calories, eventually resulting in weight loss.

Consuming capsaicin indicates reduced appetite, as you can’t consume spicy food in the same way you consume carbohydrates. Chilly food is eaten more slowly, by taking much smaller bites which in turn prevents overeating. Actually, you’ll fell satiated much faster than consuming other high-calorie dressings, especially if you add hot sauce as part of your breakfast menu.

High in vitamins and minerals

Red peppers as the main ingredient of whole30 hot sauce, are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, making them one of the healthiest vegetables. The most prominent vitamins are vitamin C and A, each of them benefiting your organism in a unique way. For instance, vitamin A improves your vision as well as the function of your immune system.

On the other hand, vitamin C helps in the prevention of both heart disease and cancer. It’s also one of the main elements aiding convalescence every time you are under the weather. Moreover, the antioxidant properties reduce high blood pressure and inflammation. Read more about the unbelievable benefits of red peppers.

Fights cancer

Perhaps one of the most significant health benefits of capsaicin is the fight against cancer. This miraculous red pepper compound, induces death of the cancer cells while protecting the healthy ones in the body, thus obstructing the spread of cancer through the organism. It acts like a chemotherapy, only without the harmful drugs.

In addition, its anti-inflammatory qualities reduce the level of pain which patients are suffering from. These qualities are also useful in pain alleviation in people suffering from arthritis or other chronic pain.

Keeps your brain healthy

Another powerful compound of whole30 hot sauce is apigenin, known for its brain benefits. This substance acts as a protector of the neuro cells while aiding the formation of new ones. It makes the connection between the neuro cells stronger, thus improving the overall brain function as well as memory. Therefore, it prevents diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, by renewing the brain cells and impeding them from dying.

Reduces stress

An interesting benefit of hot sauce is the amazing effect it has on your mood, more precisely on your feeling of happiness. When having a stressful day, eating chili sauce can make you fell happier as a result of the released endorphins.

The serotonin level goes up, immediately affecting your mood in a positive way. Regular consumption can even help in the fight with depression. Visit the following link:, to learn why our organism benefits from releasing endorphins.

Wrap up

Being on a whole30 diet doesn’t mean giving up on all your food favorites.

Hot sauce reduces your weigh while improving your health!

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