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Studying can be a lot of fun, but it’s certainly not without its stresses, and this is something that is even more pronounced with students studying internationally. Juggling studies with leisure time and social commitments can mean that while you’re an international student, you don’t have much time for anything else, and one of the first things that gets thrown out the window is good eating. Thankfully, there are a few simple things you can do to help make eating much healthier without needing to invest a lot of time – we take a look at a few of these tips in this article.

Tips to get you started

If you spend most of your time at your university accommodation in Perth thinking about study rather than healthy eating, you’re absolutely not the only one. Studying can eat up a lot of time, but knowing where you can cut corners while still eating healthier can be one of the best things you can do. The best place to start in this regard is by taking a little bit of time to plan your meals – there are plenty of freely available takeaway and comfort foods that you can get when you don’t have the time or energy to cook, but these foods are usually never good for your health. You can instead circumnavigate this issue by preparing your meals for the week in one go and freezing them. Spending a few hours on a Sunday cooking up a large batch of food and freezing it will not only save you significant time and money, but you’ll be able to enjoy healthy food whenever you want it during the week. If you do plan on doing meal prep, it’s important that you don’t opt for super unhealthy foods (however tempting this may be), so take the time to find a recipe that includes high quality protein, wholegrains and fruits and/or vegetables.

Reconsider how you snack

We all get a bit snacky every now and then, and reaching for chips and chocolate is often the most popular choice for a lot of people (because they’re often the tastiest after all), but these snacks can quickly cause some unpleasant effects on your health. Rather than chips and chocolate, instead opt for high protein yoghurts, nuts and seeds and fruits and vegetables. These can be just as satisfying and will help you feel a lot better overall, as these food products have far higher levels of all the important nutrients and lower levels of saturated fats. It is also important to remember that cutting out soft drinks is an important part of this, as the high sugar content of these beverages can cause you to gain a lot of weight without realising it. If you like having a drink on hand, consider going for green tea, and if you need a sweet kick honey is a better choice than processed sugar.

Start thinking more about your diet

Taking care of yourself can be difficult when you consider all of the time commitments you need to juggle, but investing in your health through food can help make everything else much easier to tackle. Better food choices can help with sleep, energy and motivation, so implementing some of these suggested tips can go a long way to help ensure you perform much better in your studies – it’s very much a win-win situation!


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