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The cold weather brings many joys with it. The occasional cup of hot cocoa, a chance to get our favorite Star Wars socks out and shopping for presents! With so many fun things planned ahead, ‘tis definitely a time to be jolly.

Choosing a Christmas tree, baking cookies, getting all your Christmas decorations out and finally picking out presents are just some of the things that keep your mind occupied before the big day but for many people, the real fun starts when you get to wrap the presents in all sorts of fun and creative ways e.g. with colorful wrapping paper, gifts tags and cards.

Though you can definitely get your presents wrapped in a store but doing it yourself adds a very personal touch to it. If you’ve been wrapping them up the same way for years but now want to up your game just a bit or you’re looking for some last-minute ideas, keep on scrolling;

Christmas Theme Wrapping

There is a lot that you can do with just a simple piece of brown paper. The good thing about a brown paper is that not only does it give you a warm, clean canvas for you to start your decoration but most of these papers are made from recycled paper which is great for the environment.

You can easily create a gorgeous little Christmas themed wrapping by covering the gift box with the paper and attacking the ends neatly with either transparent tape or glue if you don’t like seeing tape on the outside. Then take acrylic or poster paints and paint little reindeer of different colors. You can also draw these with the help of a marker. Finish it off by wrapping a festive twine and attaching a little card or a gift tag if you want to write something special.

Glam Gift Wrap

Sometimes Christmas gifts need a little bit of that glitz and glam that you’re saving up for the New Year’s party. The colors that work best mostly dark (usually black) paired with any light color (pink, beige). You can also get plain wrapping papers and draw on them with a light or glittery marker later on. When you’re done with the main wrapping bulk, add a light string around the present and tie some festive glittery ornaments to make it look fun and interesting.

The Minimal Chalkboard Tag

Sometimes you want things to not be over the top or look really fancy so if you’re going for a sophisticated and minimalist look, wrapping papers with neutral and earthy tones work perfectly. Polka dots, geometrical shapes or Christmas trees in a background of any dark or light neutral color would look great. Once you’re done with that, tie a beautiful little bow and a chalkboard design gift tag for a simple yet gorgeous look.

Calligraphic Wrapping Paper

Again, the brown craft paper has come in handy! This idea is very easy and simple. You don’t even need a lot of things to make it stand out. Cut out the amount of paper you need and set the rest aside. On the paper, you’ve just cut out, draw diagonal lines with a ruler and a pencil. You can erase the line later once you’re done.

Now with a sharpie, start writing on the diagonally drawn lines and wrap it up. You’ll see that once the gift is wrapped the writing covers the gift beautifully. You can tie a thick neutral color ribbon around and maybe glue some dark green leaves or ornaments to complete your decoration.

Washi Tape Wrap

Washi tape is a kind of a crafting tape that consists of numerous patterns and colors. It’s very durable and lightweight which allows you to decorate your scrapbooks etc. very easily with an interesting and creative touch. You can even use these to decorate your Christmas presents.

Wrap your gifts in a plain solid color wrapping sheet. It can be in any color light or dark but choose carefully according to the color of the tape you have available. Once you have your gift all wrapped up, you can cut your washi tape into different patterns and put it on the wrapping sheet. Don’t worry about being precise, just have fun with it. Finish it off with a nice gift tag and any ornament of your choice.

Tree Stamp Gift Wrap

Last-minute wrapping is always overwhelming and stressful but if you have a few tricks up your sleeve, you can get the job done and that too, a good one. A tree stamp design is perfect for Christmas time. You don’t need to run out to the store to buy a stamp and a pad, you can easily make it at home and reuse it whenever you need to again.

Just get a piece of brown paper and spread it. Sketch the shape of a tree on a rubber eraser and slowly cut the shape out with an X-Acto knife. Be steady and precise. Once you’re done with the cutting, you’ll be left with a silhouette of a tree that’s intact and ready for the next step. Now you can either get a simple stamp pad (black in color) or just brush any liquid ink lightly on the eraser cut out and stamp it on the brown wrapping sheet. You can flip the shapes upside down as well for an alternating pattern and when the ink has dried perfectly, continue to wrap the paper around your gift.

Make sure you do the stamping step before you wrap your gift. This will help save the box/present below in case the ink transfers.

Sheet Music Wrapping Paper

If you’ve got any musicians at home, this will be a perfect idea. A beautiful music sheet wrapped present looks very sophisticated and gorgeous. You can decorate it with strings and small decorative green stems and leaves, even mistletoes. Just try not to go overboard with extra decorations because the music sheet already has a lot going on.


A Vintage Christmas

Vintage decorations still have a way of looking sophisticated and gorgeous. If you’re looking for a Christmas theme especially for the presents that don’t take a lot of time out of your day then this will work perfectly for you.

Just wrap some brown paper around your present and with the help of any old laces or plaid ribbons, tie a beautiful bow. If you don’t want a bow you can place acorns, pine cones and a leafy pattern to complete this look. Green looks perfect with brown so if your look ever looks incomplete, just add dried leaves of a Christmas tree branch.


These were just some of the fun and creative ideas for a Merry Christmas wrapping.


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