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As you get older, it can be harder to keep fit and active because your body will be working in a different way. However, just because you can’t work out in the same way that you used to, you shouldn’t just give up on exercising completely. If you want to get back into exercising regularly after a small hiatus, it can be difficult to do it on your own, so exercising in a group might be the best way for you to work out as a senior.


If you struggle to keep yourself motivated to exercise, working out in a group can help you stay interested in exercising. A lot of people tend to give up on exercising when it gets too hard, because they don’t always feel motivated to do it when they are on their own. However, if you start to work out with other people, you will find that you become more dependent on each other when you are working out, and you will try to show up for your fellow workout buddies. This comes in handy when you or your friends are not feeling in the mood to exercise, because you will be able to build each other up. Working out with another person can help you to achieve any fitness goals that you may have for yourself, because they will do what they can to help you stick to them, just as you would for them as well.

Physical health

If you want to improve your physical health, you need to start exercising regularly. There are proven benefits to exercising regularly, including things like lower blood pressure, reduced risk of heart attack and you will have stronger bones, muscles and if you are exercising regularly. Another thing about regular exercise is that it actually makes you feel better as well because people who exercise regularly have more energy and feel more relaxed throughout the day. This is because your body produces endorphins when you exercise, which is the hormone that makes you happy. So if you exercise in a group, you will all start to feel physically happier just by working out together.


If you work out in a group with people your own age, you will find that you have more confidence in your physical ability while exercising. It can be very intimidating to work out with a group of people who are younger and fitter than you are, especially if you have trouble keeping up with them. If you can find a group of people who are similar to your age and ability, you should try to start exercising with them, so that you can feel confident enough to work out regularly. People who are living in a retirement community or aged care facility like Kew Gardens Aged Care may find it easier to form a group than those who are living on the outside, because you have access to more people that are in your age range. So you can be confident in your ability and exercise at the same pace as everyone else.

More structure

If you want a bit of structure in your exercise routine, working out as a group can provide this for you. You can pick and choose what you want to do each day of the week and base your workout around the needs of the people in your group. This is especially great for seniors, because they can workout with people of a similar ability to them and they don’t have to feel ashamed if they can’t keep up with younger people around them. If you take a class, you can work out as a group without having to worry about what you will be doing and what areas you need to focus on, because a personal trainer will be leading the class. Look out for classes that are specifically designed for seniors, so that you know you will be able to manage whatever the personal trainer throws at you and your group.

There are several reasons why seniors should exercise in a group because it will benefit you in more ways than one. If you are struggling to find a group of people that you would like to exercise with, think about taking a class so that you can meet other people who share your passion for exercising, while getting help from a fitness professional. So even though it might be easy to throw in the towel as you get older, and stop exercising altogether, there is always something that you can be doing to keep your body fit and healthy.


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