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It is one of the most lucrative industries around - which is something of a shame when you consider just how many of us tie the knot each and every year.

While weddings might be renowned as grossly expensive affairs, there are some means to escape the growing costs if you think outside of the box.

This is what today's round-up is all about. We have collected a handful of links from around the internet which all show you how you don't have to join the frightening club who spend tens of thousands on their big day.

It all starts with the invitations (One Fab Day)

Anyone who has been invited to a wedding over the last few years will know all about the bravado that accompanies the invitation itself. They get more glamorous by the year, whether it is the envelopes or what is inside them.

This link from One Fab Day doesn't tell you step-by-step instructions for a full invitation, but instead provides ideas that you can apply to any. It's a fantastic resource for anyone craving that finishing touch (without spending a fortune).

Do the flowers yourself (Avas Flowers)

This next link comes courtesy of Avas Flowers. Avas Flowers have become renowned for their glorious floral arrangements and when it comes to your wedding day, the savings can be significant.

A quick look at the Avas Flowers Instagram account shows exactly what we mean. There are some beautiful bouquets on there and with the help of a few YouTube videos (bonus link here), there are scores of way to save on your flowers.

For the purposes of a budget wedding, just don't consider an independent florist. They are experts at their profession, but the costs will blow your budget. Buy your own flowers, and arrange yourself (or with the help of a trusty friend or relative).

Serve "your own" wine (CNBC)

We simply loved this next suggestion.

For most couples, the cost of alcohol can quickly spiral out of control. Even if you don't go with the increasingly popular open bar policy, this is by no means a cheap affair.

This link shows exactly how a couple navigated the problem. Granted, they still had to buy their own alcohol, but instead bought cheaper bottles. They then "repackaged" the bottles with their own personal labels, and nobody could tell the difference. A masterstroke.

Sometimes it's all about the timings (Bridebox)

There are some occasions where you don't have to compromise on the venue. You don't have to compromise on the dress. You can have everything you want apart from one thing; the timings.

This link from Bride Box highlights the point in-detail. It shows the least expensive periods of the year to get married, as well as showing the cheapest days and times. For anyone looking to operate on a budget with all (but one) of the trimmings, this is the link you should study first.

How to save on your wedding transport (Wedding Wire)

Unfortunately, you're not going to get a retro wedding car for a few bucks. Unless you happen to know someone (very well) who owns such a vehicle, you're not going to be in luck.

However, there are ways to slash the ways of your wedding transport and this link highlights the point in full. It covers six areas that you should look at in a bid to cut the costs - most of which don't involve the choice of vehicle at all.


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