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  • Written by Ester Adams

Celebrating birthdays is an essential part of your life. It is the perfect time to get your family and friends together to meet and interact. Nowadays, people are always busy. Thus, birthday celebrations are there to bring your loved ones at the same time and use the opportunity to be social. Plus, it is the perfect day to receive complimentary gifts. The birthday registry is becoming a trend. Like the wedding registry, you get to register your wish lists for your guests to purchase and give to you during your birthday party.

The idea of a birthday registry is considered a taboo topic by many. Some individuals are not too keen on the idea of asking for a wish list from your guests. However, there are benefits that you can gain from the list. Here are five common misconceptions of asking for a gift preference.

1. Duplication of Gifts

As much as gifts are always welcome, when you have two items of the same kind, such as bags or shoes, you would end up not using the other one or giving it away. The birthday registry can help in providing choices you wish to have or need. It is very sensible and limits the possibility of your gifts going to waste. Imagine if the presents you receive each year end up regifted, donated, or unused because you already own the same items.

2. You Get to Choose Items that You Need

There are cases when birthday celebrants receive gifts that they do not need. So, if you receive an item that you do not need, it would be a waste if you cannot even use it. For example, a relative gave you beauty essentials, and upon receiving it, you notice that you are allergic to its ingredients. These situations are avoidable if you sign up for a birthday registry.

3. Helps Your Guests in Choosing your Gifts

Some guests have trouble choosing gifts.  They would end up buying random things that you do not even need. With the birthday registry, it will make it easier for your guests to choose gifts from the options on your list.

4. Budget-Friendly

A birthday registry can help you save money from buying an item that might be beyond your budget. For example, you need a set of new wheels for your bicycle, but do not have enough funds to purchase it yet. You can add the set of wheels to your wish list.  If you have a relative that can afford to buy it, you get to use the money that you save to pay for other repairs of your bike.

5. Keeping the Clutter out of Your House

If you wish to be specific with your gifts, you may do so. Since you are the receiving end of the presents, you know what items you need and are suitable for you. The birthday registry builds up your wish list so you could get what you wanted for your birthday. You can also guarantee that the gifts you receive will not go to waste and be stored away.

Birthday wishlists are practical preferences that politely direct your guests in the right direction of receiving appropriate gifts.  It also helps avoid potentially awkward situations when you realise that the gift you receive does not fit you. Asking for specific presents is not disrespectful. The lists are there to help out your guests know what your preferences are.

Author Bio: Ester Adams is a farmer of words in the field of creativity. She is an experienced independent content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry.  She is a multi-niche content chef who loves cooking new things.


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