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Every sphere of human activity has been affected adversely by the current pandemic. Some industries are hanging on by a thread. However, there are various opportunities to make money during the lockdown.

One of the industries to benefit from the pandemic is online dating. Due to social distancing rules, people are now hesitant to go out on a date with strangers. After all, who knows if they’ve contracted the virus?

So, any niche dating or Asian brides website will thrive during this period. But they must ensure that they are providing excellent features and quality customer service to customers.

Let’s go through some ways of starting a viable online dating business.

What should be the business’s focus?

Nowadays, most dating sites focus on specific niches. So, the first question to address is the target demographic. Should the site focus on Asian wives? Should the membership be limited to particular geographical areas? 

From the results of these deliberations, set out a plan based on your budget. If your budget allows more comprehensive coverage, you can target a broader audience. Otherwise, focus on a particular demo. 

You can also decide whether or not to create a site for hookups or a mail-order bride site where any user can meet their Asian bride.

In essence, you should conduct market research or hire a team to assist you with the evaluation.

How can you address user experience?

A dating site is not something you can create overnight with a WordPress template. You need to hire a web developer and go over the interface design with them. Spend that extra cash to hire a reliable UX designer to create an easy-to-use site.

Don’t flood the interface with graphics. Keep the site as simple as possible because users don’t want to go through unnecessary stress when browsing.

You can also put out a beta version of the dating site or app for testing before releasing the final product. This will serve as a temp-check of your potential audience.

What about security?

One thing we all hate on media platforms is spam and scammers. The higher the level of spam content, the less likely you are to attract users to your site. 

The first step is to ensure that your website is running on a secure encryption protocol. You can hire a cybersecurity firm to enhance your platform’s security. Add a safe payment portal or include other non-conventional payment methods like PayPal and cryptocurrency. 

Also, publish community guidelines and enforce them strictly. Consider adding ‘Report’ and ‘Block’ buttons, and take action whenever complaints appear.

How can you stand out?

If you are determined to enter the dating industry, be ready to go up against 1500+ established dating companies

But here is a secret: not all of them meet customer demands. In fact, some copy what others are doing without any real innovation. 

So this is your chance to stand out. Look at the current climate: what do people want the most?

The answer is a dating platform that allows virtual experience with other users. If you are developing a dating website, you must add a video call feature. Think of it as a hybrid of Zoom and Tinder. 

Content is king

The increase in the popularity of online dating has also precipitated a high demand for dating content. People want to know trending dating practices, places they can visit, and how to reboot their dating lives. You can fill this content void by writing articles and guidelines on how to find an Asian bride. 

Moreover, you can cooperate with writers to help them advertise your dating business. Just make sure that you are offering top quality. The results will show in due time.

How much should you charge?

Now, this is the tough part — putting a price on your product. 

Should I charge more or less than the rest of the field? What services should be free on the platform?

Pricing policy varies depending on how you value your business, as well as the demand for your product. It will surprise you to find out that people are ready to pay large sums for dating services. They just want to get their money’s worth. Else, they will leave a terrible review and discourage others from using the platform.

You can decide to charge people for credits or currency to access services on the site. You can also create a subscription plan for the services you offer. Alternatively, you can create a free dating site and charge for the ads. Consult with a marketing team to find out the best practice for you.

The dating industry is a gold mine, especially during this pandemic. People are not in a hurry to meet people in real life. So, providing a product for the dating industry is a great idea. But your product can only compete with others in the market if it is exceptional. So, hire experts to survey the landscape and come up with an unmatched, user-friendly product. You can also create dating-related content for your users.


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