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  • Written by Ester Adams

There is a wide variety of electric guitars in types, sizes and styles. If you are looking to buy one, choosing from the available guitars online is an easy and convenient option. Going online gives you access to many options, but you should focus on the things that can help you and filter out the ones you do not need. This can make the process short, as you find the perfect electric guitar for you.

Finding the Right Electric Guitar for You

One factor that can help dictate the type of electric guitar you choose is your music style. Many country and rock guitarists prefer to use an electric guitar with a solid body. The solid body reduces the piercing feedback of the instrument. On the other hand, guitarists who play blues, rockabilly, and jazz opt to use hollow-bodied guitars that produce more natural resonance.

Also referred to as archtop guitars, these hollow bodies have f-shaped sound holes akin to violins. If you like the tone of a hollow body guitar but have issues with excessive feedback, you can use a semi-hollow body guitar. These instruments have hollow chambers on both sides and wood under the pickups.

Considerations for an Electric Guitar

The tone

Most guitarists use the term tone when referring to the sound that the guitar produces. It would be useful if you know the type of sound you want to put out when playing the guitar. Some tones are suitable for specific types of music, whereas other tones require the use of certain gear combinations.

Guitar size

Good guitars online are available in various sizes and shapes. Finding the one that fits well and feels good has a significant impact on your performance. Using an incorrect guitar size can also affect how you play the instrument. For example, a full-size guitar is not ideal for a young guitarist, as they may struggle with the wide fret spacing and the heavy weight, causing them not to play the notes well.

Guitar neck

The neck of your guitar should be straight. This helps keep the strings to hit the frets when playing the instrument. Check if there are bends or curves on the guitar neck. Also, playing a guitar with a back bow can be challenging, particularly for a beginner. Consider asking the help of a professional to inspect the neck relief of your guitar and make the necessary corrections.


Pickups are electronic components of the electric guitar and are typically found beneath the strings. If you want a specific sound when playing the guitar, pay attention to the pickups. When you pick or strum the strings, the pickups sense these vibrations, turning them into electrical signals. The types and number of pickup on your electric guitar can influence the sound you create.

The common types of pickups are Humbuckers, Single Coil Pickups, and P90. The Humbucker is ideal for metal and rock because it has a low-end response. The single-coil is suitable for bright tones and lead guitar due to its high sound. The P90 has a more low-end and mid-range frequency, creating a balanced tone.

There are many styles of electric guitars online and take into account your own taste and personality as well when choosing your instrument. You will want something that will inspire you to play and practice more, improving your guitar skills.


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