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  • Written by Merissa Moore

Online learning has brought up many changes that can affect your mental health. You have to adapt to the challenges of a new learning environment, give up daily socializing, and handle the stress of going through the pandemic. This all mounts up to a heavy burden.

Your mental health reflects on your physical health, your learning effectiveness, and your relationships. Therefore, taking care of your mental health should be a priority.

Here are 9 tips on how you can maintain your mental health as an online student.

1. Create a Routine

A routine can give you a sense of control. In the times such as these, when everything has fallen out of place, that feeling of control will keep you balanced.

Establish a routine that embraces all your responsibilities. Don’t forget to make room for regular breaks during learning.

2. Make Sure that You Sleep Well

Did you know that poor sleep is linked to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression? That's how important a good night's sleep is.

What can help you get regular sleep is a sleeping routine. If you wake up at the same time every morning and go to bed around the same time, your body will get used to that schedule.

3. Introduce a Healthy Habit

Give your mind an outlet with a habit that nurtures mental health. Activities such as meditation, journaling, and practicing gratitude are like food to a starving mind.

Welcoming a habit that will keep you present, thankful, and purified from negative thoughts can make a drastic change. Try to practice these habits after a learning session to reset your brain.

4. Create Lists

Outlining your daily activities, obligations, and goals can keep you on the right track. When every day is no different from the day before, losing motivation for learning is almost inevitable. However, creating lists can keep you going.

Having a visual reminder of your goals and to-dos will act as a restless reminder of your needs, wants, and musts. You’ll also have something to look forward such as Friday movie night with a friend.

5. Get Assistance when Needed

The fact that your teachers and peers aren’t next to you, doesn’t mean that you have to do this alone. Don’t shy away from seeking help with learning.

When you can’t seem to figure something out, ask your teacher for further explanation. If you are struggling with an essay, hire cheap custom essay writing services to help you out. The isolation of online learning can take its toll, so you need to remind yourself that asking for help is okay.

6. Engage in Physical Activity Regularly

Physical activity isn’t just great for the body, it is great for the mind as well. The expression “healthy body, healthy mind” exists for a reason.

You don’t need to get deep into training mood. Daily walks around the neighborhood will do just as well.

7. Get in Touch with Your Friends and Family

Online learning has taken away the social aspect of learning. You need to compensate for that in your free time.

Staying close and connected with the people you care about is more needed than ever. Take care of your relationships and connect with your friends and family.

8. Indulge in Reading

Work on your vocabulary and writing skills without studying. How? Start reading. Get lost in different worlds that authors so passionately present in books.

Books aren’t the only reading option. You can also turn to free essay samples from WritingUniverse for a shorter read. The variety of topics provides something for everyone.

9. Do What Makes You Happy

What relaxes you the most? Is it listening to music, painting, or jogging? Whatever it is, stick to it.

To be happy you need to do what makes you happy. Therefore, embrace your favorite activity and make time for it every day.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your mental health will improve your focus, productivity, and motivation. All of this is directly correlated with your learning outcomes. The effort you invest in mental health is the investment in happiness and achieving learning goals.

Merissa Moore is a content writer and editor. She turned her biggest passion – writing – into a career thanks to her insightful research and impeccable writing skills. Merissa is consistently working on improving her skills through various seminars and courses. In her free time, she likes to hike and read.


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