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  • Written by Merissa Moore

Although the time of the coronavirus pandemic and all related lockdowns has been and still remains absolutely horrible, it managed to transform our life and world positively too. As we started working from home and stopped wasting our time on our way to work, we began growing personally and intellectually. This makes the time and the world we live in perfect for exploring new horizons, acquiring some new skills, and polishing those we already have.

The Life-Changing Times

Having a free hour or two that we would otherwise spend on our way to the office and back, we can now start reading a new book, learn the history of Japanese language, or cook an exquisite dinner. It doesn’t really matter what exactly you do, what’s important here is that you have the great opportunity to work to improve yourself by learning new skills, which can turn your life upside down and change it for the better forever. It is possible and even quite likely that some time ago you dreamt about becoming a musician, a programmer, or a language specialist but realized that a bit too late when you had to go to college or even get your first job. That’s why using the time we have now is so important.

Top 7 Online Jobs in Pandemic World

Still, one problem remains. What kind of skills you need, and what job would it be reasonable to get to work from home? Well, nearly any work can be done from home today, so you have to only choose from the best. And here they are.

  1. Web developer. Programming and computer-related jobs are now highly valued and one of the best things about them is that they even encourage working from home. Working as a web developer is a dream job in 2021. It doesn’t require extremely deep knowledge of programming for you. Some of the basic skills you must have for this job are HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and/or Python languages, all of which are relatively easy to learn and powerful. At the same time, working as a web developer may bring you as much as $73,000 per year.

  2. Web designer. Although this job is closely related to web development, it doesn’t require any computer development skills, but rather lots of creativity and some graphic editor skills. Web designers are responsible for the visual layout of the webpage that will be converted into HTML and CSS code. With an average salary of $52,000, this career is worthy of consideration.

  3. Manual web and application tester. Another computer-related job that doesn’t require any special skills yet can be very decently paid. To test manually, you only need a device and some attentiveness to detail. You can perform testing jobs as a freelancer, which allows you to combine this job with your full-time duties. One test can take 10 minutes and be paid from $10, so it’s hard to predict the exact annual income. Still, the work is not hard and can be paid pretty well.

  4. Translator. The translation is still in demand and can be very well-paid if you know where and how to search. One of the most optimal ways is to work for a translation platform TheWordPoint, which is an absolute international leader in the industry. The platform offers decent pay and jobs that vary in difficulty and nature, so you won’t get bored for sure. As a translator, you can make as much as $52,000 per annum, so it’s a career to consider.

  5. Social media marketer. If you like hanging out on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or any other social network, this job is for you. Although social media marketers don’t make too much, their average salary is about $37,000 per year, they also don’t do much. All you need is to be able to compose user-friendly and eye-catching posts and publish them at the right time.

  6. Editor. Another relatively easy job to enter with quite a considerable salary. Lots of writers, such as bloggers, journalists, scriptwriters, and many others need somebody to skim their work for them and pay generously for it. Editors get paid up to $61,000 per year, so it’s certainly something that you’d want to do.

  7. Recruiter. The only job on this list that deals with people directly with people, yet a worthy one. As a recruiter, you’ll have to search for and interview future employees to pass the general information about them to the HR manager, that’s it. You don’t have to make any decisions or overwhelming paperwork. And for all that, you can get paid up to $46,000 per year.

The Ever-Changing Life

You don’t know exactly what your destiny is or even what to expect in the future. Maybe by learning some new skills and applying to one of the jobs from the list above, you make the step of your whole life. Today there is a great opportunity for everybody to reconsider their life and career choices, and if there are some concerns regarding any of them, it’s possible to change something. So, think carefully about what you want in your life, explore new horizons, and change your life for the better.


Merissa Moore is known for her rather obvious yet extraordinary approach to writing. In order to write about something, she tries to get first-hand experience of it. Only after that Merissa goes on to write about it and share all that experience with you.


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