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A fairly common question we receive from time to time is: “Do I really need to buy a luxury watch?”

Well, the hard truth is NO.

You don’t NEED a luxury watch. Any cheap timepiece can give you the time. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to have easy access to that specific feature.

However, luxury watches are not created to just give you the time. Luxury watches are symbols or testaments of the highest levels of achievement - for both the creator and the wearer. The value luxury watches bring to you and to your life is beyond the cost of the money you spent. The profoundness of this discussion is beyond the field of rationality.

Nevertheless, we want to keep this article as simple and light-hearted as possible. Let’s make this a list of reasons why buying a luxury watch is never a bad decision. We’ll leave it up to you to agree with us or think otherwise.

Here are 10 reasons why you would want to buy a luxury watch:

Made from the Highest Quality of Materials

Luxury watches always top their mass-produced, cheap counterparts in terms of quality. The materials used in creating these luxury watches are carefully chosen. Materials like titanium, gold, synthetic crystals and other forms of alloys are subjected to various tests to ensure their durability and excellent performance.

A Masterpiece of Innovative Technology

Luxury watches are designed and created to last for a very long time. All those tiny pieces incorporated inside the watch’s system are ensured to work together flawlessly. The technology to make all those tiny parts perform complex, accurate movements is itself very impressive for the era it was created.

This is the mark of brilliance and ingenuity of the makers of the timepiece. As technology and research get better through the years, more innovative designs are mustered that watches are to be expected to do something better, unique and have them last more than a lifetime. 

Value Rarely Drops Over Time

This is one of the main reasons why luxury watches are expensive in the first place. Just like accessories made from the rarest, most expensive materials, their value never (or rarely) depreciates. You just need the knowledge on discerning which type of watch to buy.

Furthermore, there’s always a story behind every single luxury watch. When watchmakers design a luxury watch, they always have something that makes the watch unique compared to other models. It may be from the number of watches created to a certain material or design choice that was never used in previous iterations.

This uniqueness and the limited number of luxury watches make them very attractive for the collectors of today and future generations. This fact just strengthens the point of the next reason.

A Good Investment for the Future

If you need to find a good place or item to invest your money, it’s not a bad idea to give luxury watches a try. Luxury watches are deemed as objects with qualitative value. The big brands out there are proof of how generations of collectors seek the formers’ timeless classics (pun not intended) and pay for them for more of their original values.

The Pinnacle of Craftsmanship

If you’re an aficionado of fine wine, you can easily understand what we mean by saying this. The dedication and effort to create luxury watches are unparalleled. It may take years before a certain timepiece is ready for release.

Moreover, the skills and craftsmanship needed to create a single watch are at the absolute highest. Not every watchmaker will be able to create a masterpiece of a watch. Did you get the point?

Every detail related to the watch’s functioning is rigidly scrutinised. Every part as well as the materials used are tested for precision. Most luxury watches are handmade and the effort and time the artisan poured on them are what made them priceless.

An Item you Can Pass Onto The Next Generations

We have discussed the quality, durability, and value of luxury watches. All these characteristics are ingredients that make luxury watches last for years. These items have undeniable longevity that most of the time outlive their owners.

Apologies for sounding so morbid here but that’s a very good reason why you should be buying a luxury watch instead of the inexpensive ones. We all have people around us like children and loved ones that can be recipients of these works of art. 

They can be heirlooms that you can pass on to your children as they can also pass them to their next on and so forth.

Luxury Watches are the Best Way to Show Your Personality and Status in Life

It is a fact that we want the clothes and accessories we wear to reflect our very own unique personalities. We would deliberately choose the items that not everybody would have. In this case, we would want to wear a watch that not everyone can easily get.

You’ll as well stand out from the crowd when wearing these items. Just look at the wrists of those celebrities, CEOs, and popular personalities we see on TV and in high places of society. We bet you’ve never seen the watches that they’re wearing before.

One of the Best Items to Collect

When it comes to hobbies and collecting, luxury watches are at the top of the tier list. These timepieces are the ultimate window, so to speak, to the technology, craftsmanship, and artistry of a particular era in time.

This type of collection also requires very little maintenance. Starting a collection of luxury watches isn’t a bad idea as long as you can afford it.

One of the Best Items to Give

There’s no person in the world who wouldn’t appreciate receiving a luxury watch as a gift. Gifting your special someone with a branded, unique, and expensive watch will show how important that person is to your life.

It’s not just about the price tag. It is like giving a part of your life to that person. It is similar to pouring all the emotions - the love, the sincerity, and the appreciation you have for that person - wrapped into that luxury watch.

A Luxury Watch is Simply Gorgeous

It is undeniable that luxury watches are really stunning. Their designs are always appealing.  A single luxury watch on your wrist upgrades your looks and style to a new level---more than any other accessory can.

Final Thoughts

There you go! We hope that every question and doubt on whether to buy a luxury watch has been cleared. Luxury watches are not just items that tell you the time. They come in different sizes and forms. They come with their own values and are seen from different perspectives. 

Ultimately, the decision falls onto you. If you have the resources and the ability to buy these expensive watches, it will always be a win-win situation for you.


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