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  • Written by Lilly Miller

Animals are well-known for their therapeutic benefits. Most pet owners would agree with this statement because their favorite companion animal has so much joy to offer. Even recent studies have begun studying this special human-animal bond.

Over time, pets have evolved and become more attuned to our emotions, behavior, and health. For instance, dogs are able to understand our body language, tone of voice, words, and gestures. A loyal pet will look you in the eyes showing his love and support throughout the most difficult time in your life, maybe even better than a human friend.

That’s why we decided to explore this special bond and discover in which ways pets can save us.

Decrease cholesterol level

Daily walks can significantly affect your cholesterol level if you have a dog. According to one study, dog owners, especially men, tend to have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Your furry companion will make you walk long miles during the day or until he burns all that pinup energy.

Alleviates stress

Being in the same room with your companion animal will have a soothing effect on your nerves. When you are close to your pet, a powerful neurochemical, oxytocin, is released, bringing us feelings of immense joy.

As the level of oxytocin increases, the levels of cortisol, or a stress hormone, decrease. That’s why many people with PTSD find consolation in pets. There was a case of one veteran who couldn’t leave the house without his wife until he got a dog. It took him only a week until he could go around the town.

Minimizes blood pressure

While pleasing your dog or cat, you might be able to decrease your blood pressure. Based on one research, people who owned a pet reduced their stress level by half. Additionally, when you combine lower blood pressure, anxiety, and cholesterol levels, you might reduce the risk of heart diseases. One study in 2013 found that people who had dogs had a better survival rate among patients.

Might prevent allergies

If you were lucky enough to have a pet as a child, you now might be allergy-free. Six-month-old babies and younger children exposed to animals were less likely to develop eczema, hay fever, or allergic disease.

Additionally, if your baby is exposed to dogs in the first year of life, he or she will less likely develop allergies, suffer from respiratory issues, or have asthma. Moreover, kids who grew up in the countryside or on a farm tend to have a stronger immune system.

Help with depression

Pets are social beings who can provide relief and support for their owners. Many clinical trials have confirmed that dogs have a psychological and therapeutic impact on their owners. That’s why if you have a furry companion, it’s good to keep him healthy with the best probiotics for dogs.

If your dog is healthy, you will be healthy as well. Pets can help you fight for yourself by boosting your confidence while at the same time minimizing stress levels. Instead of negative thoughts, animals give us reason to be happy again. When a pet focuses on you, they are offering your unconditional love.

Ease chronic pain

Having animals around your home distracts you from any chronic pain you may experience at the moment; as we mentioned earlier when we are close to our four-legged companion, and when we are petting him, our brain releases endorphins, a powerful natural painkiller.

This claim has been proved many times, especially with patients who have been hospitalized. Only one visit from an animal was enough to minimize pain. This mostly affected people who had hip replacement surgery or were hospitalized due to heart failure.

Pets were able to provide a positive distraction and make patients feel better.

Improve relationships

Children and teenagers feel a deep connection with animals. Later in life, many of them will be able to form bonds easier than those who didn’t own a pet. Many of them will assume leadership roles and be more emphatic and confident.

Enhance confidence

Unlike people, animals won’t judge you; they don’t have an agenda, they will accept you the way you are, and won’t care how you look. Considering dogs will love you no matter what, this can be a great way to improve your self-esteem and feel more confident.

Let’s not forget that cats and dogs behave in the same way, and regardless of which animal you have, your self-esteem will only increase. They will help you build meaningful relationships and understand the value of true love.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury to own a pet. But, if you do, don’t miss this opportunity to love and be loved. Dogs are the only animals in the world that love you more than they love themselves. Find a way to experience all of this, and you won’t be sorry!


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