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Moving from one residence to another involves a great deal of tactical planning. There’s the matter of selling your old property or ending an existing lease, ensuring you’ve completed all the paperwork regarding the property you’re moving to, and finding a secure way to transport your belongings. For some people, figuring out how to move all the clothes in their drawers and closets from one place to the next can be a pain. Of course, most people want a way to pack their clothes in an organized fashion that keeps them from getting wrinkled or dirty during the move. Below is a step-by-step guide on packing your clothes for a move.

Decide which clothes you’re taking with you.


One effective way to keep your clothes organized during a move is to sort them properly before moving day. When sorting your clothing, determine which clothes you’ll be needing in your new location and which ones you won’t. For instance, clothes best suited for specific types of weather may no longer be necessary if your move takes you to a different climate. Likewise, you may have clothes that you consider out of fashion, that you no longer wear, or that don’t fit you or your children anymore. Consider donating or selling these if you won’t take them with you.

Group the clothes you’ve decided to take.


Once you know which pieces of clothing you’ll be packing, consider organizing them into groups. This way, you’ll be able to locate specific clothes you might need after the move. If your biggest concern is packing your clothes without wrinkling them, consider sorting them according to their material. For instance, cotton and natural fabrics, unlike polyester and wool, can crease and may require ironing after the move. To avoid wrinkles, you could put these fabrics on hangers and cover them with a clothing bag. Another idea is to group your clothes by season. This way, you’re not unpacking winter coats in the middle of a heatwave when you’d need your T-shirts and summer clothes.

No matter how you choose to group your clothes, label your boxes. Doing so allows you to optimize the moving process. Another way to make your move to a new home more efficient is to utilize the services of professionals from a reputable moving company. Professional movers have experience taking care of short- and long-distance moves. Furthermore, they know the best routes and roads to travel from one residence to another. For this reason, it’s in your best interest to seek local movers familiar with your area. People moving to or from California, for example, can search the web using the words ‘long distance movers San Diego’ to identify professionals with years of experience in their area. The best movers can help them securely pack and transport their clothes, linen, furniture, dishes, and other belongings.

Don’t pack the clothes you intend to wear during the move.


Ultimately, a crucial part of packing your clothes is remembering to put aside an outfit or two for the day you’ll move. These clothes should be comfortable enough for you to drive or ride in for hours. They should also be comfortable to wear as you move and lift boxes around. Additionally, have clothes on hand if the weather changes unexpectedly. You’ll want to have a cozy jacket, T-shirt, and pair of black flare jeans available if it begins to rain or if the temperature drops in the evening. Shop with a reputable retailer that provides comfortable jeans, shirts, blouses, and more to ensure you’ll feel good during your move. The best retailer offers cozy yet fashionable clothes, allowing you to look as good as you feel. Start building your duffel bag or suitcase of travel clothes as soon as possible and add to it as you continue packing.


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