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Whether it is for a special occasion, or simply as a token of appreciation, plants make the perfect gift for your loved ones. Show them your affection by getting them a living present that elevates any space or room, creates harmony, and not to mention the therapeutic effects it has on the one taking care of it. There are many other reasons plants make the perfect gift, so if you are curious, read on.

Practical gift that lightens the mood

If symbolic gifts are not your style, then consider buying a beautiful plant as your next gift. Plants are a great present for those friends you simply never know what to get. Let’s face it, some people never need or want anything. So, instead of getting them a card or gift certificate, show some creativity and buy them a plant. No one will surely say no to a beautiful Zanzibar Gem or Bird of Paradise. Even if your friend is not the caring kind, there are low maintenance plants, like succulents. You can even make it humorous – get that tough gym-rat friend of yours a cute cactus. You will have a good laugh about it, and your friend will have the opportunity to take care of something and watch it thrive.

Improve any setting imaginable

Another reason why plants are a great gift is that they elevate any atmosphere. They can transform a dull, low energy space into a lush oasis. Not only that, but plants bring a dash of nature to our homes. Not just our homes, but our gardens too. They separate a simple living space from a welcoming home. Give your friends or loved ones an olive tree for their garden or front yard, they thrive here in Australia because of our warm climate. Citrus trees are another fragrant potential addition that will improve any lawn or yard. Also, the person taking care of it will benefit from its fruits and shade, and always think of you when they look at it.

Potted flowers as a better alternative

No doubt that flowers are an amazing and thoughtful gift. It is such a shame that they do not last long enough. Very often it dries up and gets thrown away before your next visit. Not to mention the prices. This is why even more people in Australia are turning to gifting potted plants or flowers for special occasions. They last longer, and the receiver is able to watch the plant grow and thrive and produce much more flowers than you could ever buy in a flower shop. Getting house plants or outdoor plants may be a bit difficult if you are in the city, luckily today you can get anything online. If you live nearby, check out an online shop for plant gifts in Sydney. They deliver healthy, gorgeous plants right to your doorstep.

Suitable for any occasion

Giving plants as a gift is great for any occasion. Be it to celebrate someone’s birthday, as a housewarming party gift or even without any occasion – simply as a kind gesture to brighten someone’s day. Have a potted flower delivered to your significant other’s doorstep, and you will surely bring a smile to their face. Moreover, plants are great apology gifts, since they calm the nerves and encourage dopamine production. It is hard for one to be angry when holding a pot of aromatic lavender or a quirky sunflower.

Great gift for all ages

Lastly, potted plants make a great present for all age groups. From your teenage cousin, to your great grandmother, everyone appreciates a stunning plant. Depending on your receiver’s personality, you can match the plant kind with their taste and needs. If your grandmother loves lilacs, give her a lilac seedling next time you go to see her. She will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Furthermore, plants are a great way to teach young ones responsibility. Get your child their own special plant, and instruct them to take care of it. This is a much better alternative than getting a puppy.

Plants are a great gift for any occasion, they enrich the space they are in, and make a thoughtful present for anyone – from your friends and family, to your colleagues and neighbours. Show them affection by getting them a gift they can nurture and watch grow. No doubt they will remember you every time a new branch appears or when each blooming season arrives. Make a long-lasting impression with this original present.


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