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There are three different methods of hair transplantation, but the most popular method currently is probably the Follicular Extraction Unit procedure, or FUE.

In this procedure, a special tool is used to cut out single hair follicles from the scalp to be used for grafting. The hair is removed from the parts of your head where the hair is particularly dense.

The hair is usually taken from the back of your head where it is still very thick and lots of hair follicles are present.

The hair transplant surgeon first shaves the back of your head. Then the hair follicles are extracted from this area one at a time. Local anesthesia is used to number the region before a punch is used to remove from one to four hairs at a time.

The doctors will make sure to numb the part of the scalp into which the new hair follicles will be inserted. A local anesthetic agent and some mild sedation may also be given to prepare the area for harvest.

After the area has been adequately numbed so that the patient feels no pain, then slits or holes will be made using a needle or scalpel. The next step then is for the surgeon to take each hair graft and very carefully place these into these holes in the scalp, effectively implanting the new hair follicles into areas where hair is missing.

The process does take time and can be anywhere from four to eight hours long depending on exactly how much hair is needing to be transplanted from one area of the scalp to another.

It is also possible that more than one hair transplantation procedure may be required in order to achieve a very thick dense cover of hair, depending on the individual person’s extent of balding.

The removal of the follicles has to be done very carefully because if they are damaged in some way, for example, if they are accidentally transected during removal, then the graft is likely to fail.

Recovery time from an FUE procedure is usually quite fast and the procedure is not too painful.

FUE hair transplants in Turkey

Turkey has many options for hair transplantation, and the FUE is a commonly done procedure in the country. Visit for more information on hair transplants in Turkey.

Many hair specialists recommend the FUE for their patients, although this may vary by the pattern of hair loss of an individual patient. The FUE is minimally invasive and gives good results in that the hair restoration tends to look natural.

Before the procedure is done, the patient will be advised to avoid taking medications that can increase bleeding from the procedure.

Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes is also generally advised against as these make the hair grafts less likely to survive, since these substances compromise the blood supply. Smoking in particular, has a vasoconstriction effect, which means it reduces the blood supply, which is not what you want if you want your new hair to survive and grow.



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