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Waxing is one of the best alternatives to shaving. If you have little or no time to shave frequently or suffer from skin inflammations resulting from shaving, then a body wax might be your way to go. 

It is a popular beauty treatment that removes body hairs using warmed wax and quick action to take out the hair from the follicle. Waxing is suitable on all surfaces of the body. You can even use this method to remove long nose and ear hairs. 

Although it can be a bit uncomfortable as it removes hair from the roots, professional service and technique will make the process more soothing. 

Pamper Parlour, a professional beauty treatment provider, has cited the seven benefits of getting a body wax service. Read on to know more.

Minimal Hair Regrowth

One of the remarkable benefits of getting body wax is less hair regrowth. It slows down hair growth, so it doesn’t come back quickly. 

When waxing, the hairs get removed from the roots. It is way better than shaving, which cuts off the hairs close to your skin level. 

Even when you shave close to the roots, there’ll be hairs left below the surface waiting to grow in a day or two. It’s essential to understand how waxing is better than shaving in order to apply the best method for your body hairs. 

With a body wax service, you can get a smooth finish while ensuring minimal hair regrowth afterwards.

Finer Hair Regrowth

It’s not always about the amount of hair regrowth, but the type of hair growing in your body.

As mentioned, shaving cuts off the hairs. As a result, you will have to suffer from blunt cuts with hairs feeling stubby during regrowth.

On the other hand, body waxing takes out the hair at the follicle. That’s why hair regrowth appears with a finely tapered end. Getting body wax doesn’t make your skin feel much hairy while waiting for your next waxing session.

The hair regenerates with a finer end and is not stubby, unlike the post-shaving results.


Dead skin cells can appear in your body, causing dryness and blemishes. That’s why you need exfoliation to remove it all.

When you get body wax, you get a sense of exfoliation as it is part of the process to remove dead skin cells and grimes. The waxed area will be radiant, smooth, and clean after the waxing session.

However, body waxing isn’t exactly an exfoliation method. It is still advisable to get a separate session to exfoliate your skin at least three days before getting a body wax.

No More Itching

Most people complain about itching when hair starts to regrow after shaving. But it’s not the case with waxing.

Although you may experience a brisk itch with a subsequent tingling, you will not have to deal with it for long. Besides, you don’t have to use any shaving products, which may irritate your skin and cause more itchiness.

Eliminates Shaving Rash

You can suffer from skin irritation and inflammation when you opt to shave. If you have sensitive skin prone to shaving rash, the best alternative is getting body wax.

It allows you to avoid dealing with annoying shaving rash. Since shaving exposes your skin to friction more frequently, opting for a body wax gives your skin a chance to relax. This is because your next waxing session might be after a month and not as frequent as shaving.

Say Goodbye to Shaving Cuts

When shaving, there’s a tendency that you’ll get cuts while running the razor in your skin. You may have nicked your ankle or slipped the razor off your hands, causing some shaving cuts.

With a professional body wax service, you will not be dealing with cuts or any skin damage anymore. You can bid goodbye to all of these and expect a smooth and clean waxing result.

Comfort and Pampering at Once

You can have a waxing treatment at the comfort of your home. A professional beautician can take care of the job whenever you prefer.

If you want to head out and do something that will make you feel good and beautiful, getting body wax might be one of your best options.

Although you may have to endure a quick sting from removing the wax, the overall treatment and the professional touch will definitely allow you to pamper and relax.


Getting body wax is one of the beauty treatments that many people prefer. Instead of shaving, you can remove body hairs easily without having to do it frequently.

The seven benefits of getting a body wax listed by Pamper Parlour above show that waxing is a better option. You only have to deal with less hair regrowth and won’t have to suffer from itching, shaving cuts and inflammations.

It’s also not as often as shaving, so your skin can relax for a time before getting the next session. What’s more, you can get professional care whenever and wherever you want to.


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