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The coronavirus pandemic has been such a bummer, not only in Australia but the world over. It sucks that one of the biggest and most anticipated events of the year, the Spring Carnival, has had to be cancelled due to COVID-19.

For many months, there was an asterisk about whether the three-month-long event of intense sporting and mad fun would go down. If it did, the carnival would have been held at Melbourne's metropolitan racecourses: Flemington, Moone Valley, Caufield, and Sandown.

Getting Ready for Spring

Spring is downright the best season of the year. Longer daylight hours means more time for fun, and the warm weather makes everything - from the beach to the roads - more vibrant.

When the flowers are blooming, we all love to blossom and make merry. This is why the Coronavirus pandemic must not off your tucker for the rest of the year. However, before you make up your mind on what to do for fun this season, consider the Coronavirus restrictions put in place by the PM in March.

In summary:

  1. No more than 100 people should hold non-essential indoor gatherings.
  2. No more than 500 people should hold outdoor meetings.
  3. You cannot visit an aged care facility.
  4. You may not be allowed to leave the country.

With the rules laid down, here are three things you can consider doing for fun to make the most of the spring season.

1. Have Fun Online

How have you survived this far in 2020? If you are like most Aussies, you probably found solace online. There is so much to do that it is almost impossible to get bored with an internet connection. What's more, you will stay safe from all the pollen and viruses in the air outside.

On top of the list of fun things to do are streaming TV shows and movies, playing online games, listening to podcasts, and reading blog posts.

If you are looking to try something new that may make you some money, consider learning a new skill, starting a YouTube channel, or playing casino games. You can get started with online gambling and betting by checking out this list of quality casinos in Australia.

2. Host or Attend a Mooncake Festival

Just because the Spring Carnival was cancelled does not mean the entire culture is in chaos this year. The Mooncake festival is around the corner, and like everything else this year, it will be done differently.

This year, the festival began on October 1st, but there is no reason why it shouldn't last the whole month. This is a perfect excuse for you to invite over a few friends and distant families for a cake and a frostie or a coldie.

As the weather begins to get more accommodating outside, consider hosting an outdoor meetup rather than an indoor one. The outside is safer and more fun this season.

3. Go For a Swim in a Pool

Just the other day, people flocked and packed all Melbourne beaches, escalating Coronavirus risks. Despite the risk, this was the sign everyone needed to know that the beach season is here.

If you are pragmatic with your time, you can enjoy a quiet moment at the beach with friends and family. You just have to know what times to go when the foot traffic is at its lowest.

Alternatively, you can go to a private pool and have just as much fun but without the risks. If you are frustrated with the lockdown, going for a swim is a great way to loosen up and have fun.

Final Thoughts

There are many things you can do this spring season that will not contravene COVID-19 social distancing rules. What is important is that you stay away from the crowds and minimize physical interactions. These three ideas should help you get started in planning a fun but safe spring season.


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