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Counting cards is prevalent in blackjack as a relatively simple way to forecast if the next hand would be winning.

The strategy involves quickly answering the questions: how many cards in a deck, how many high and low-value are left. By doing so, the player reduces his losses and makes his decisions more accurately.

You may have seen such a technique in the "21" counting cards movie, "Holy Rollers", "Stacy's Knights", and "Rain Man". We don't recommend going as far as the drama in famous films. But we can take some valuable features to note.

Is counting cards illegal? Not really. Those who count are called advantage players. Houses don't like such visitors because they undermine its edge. If you are caught using this technique, you may be banned from the gambling hall. However, as long as you do not use electronic counting devices, you cannot be charged with anything.

Basic blackjack strategy with counting cards

The basic counting cards blackjack technique is based on two things:

  1. Aces and 10s are better for the gambler more than the croupier.
  2. Those under 10s are more profitable for the casino than the visitor.

Consequently, it would be best if you focused on high-value ones. You can double, split, and deal with the highest odds of winning.

There is a simple technique for counting cards:

  • You see a card;
  • You mentally add or subtract its value from the total;
  • And you remember the total.

A popular card counting method is called Hi-Lo. In this approach, a player assigns these points according to denomination:

  • Twos to sixes — 1;
  • Sevens to nines, 0;
  • Tens, jacks, queens, kings — minus 1;
  • Aces — minus 1.

If your total count is higher than +1, you can increase your bets. You're more likely to get high-value.

How do I remember how to count cards?

How do I remember how many aces are in a deck of cards? There is an easy trainer to practiсe — use a common pack. Take the deck, deal it one by one, and count. You should come up with zero. Practice regularly to be able to estimate the whole deck in 25 seconds maximum.

You can find online simulators to make the process easier. Sites like wizard of odds and blackjack apprenticeship can help you remember strategy and card counting quickly. Such a blackjack card counting simulator includes:

  • A card generator;
  • A box for writing your points;
  • A counter for accuracy and hands dealt.

Counting cards in multi-desk blackjack

OK, but what if you're playing blackjack with 6-8 decks? After all, most gambling sites offer just such variants to reduce the players' benefits. By the way, YOJU Casino Bonuses are offering a full range of blackjack in all modern variations, including titles with 1-2 decks.

A simple method to adjust the count is to divide the points by the number of decks. So if you have +6 points in 6-deck blackjack, you divide the amount by 6, and you get +1.

However, online casinos have different problems. At most tables, you'll see shuffle machines that continually shuffle your cards. What should you do in such a case?

  1. If the dealer returns the deck to shuffle after each round, card counting becomes meaningless. It would be best if you stuck to the basic strategy with blackjack charts.
  2. If the machine is used only after reaching the cut cards, you can use counting cards.

How do I avoid problems in the casino?

If you are playing in an offline casino, those watching in the room may notice that you are too concentrated. You may give yourself away, so they ask you to leave the room.

You need to hide your concentration behind a casual game without raising the stakes too much. Also, you need to learn how to count, even when you are distracted by people, television, and surrounding noise.

However, if you're playing in an online casino, it's a little easier to disguise your card counting. Still, pay attention to the type of shuffle machines used and don't raise the stakes dramatically. Your actions are not filmed on camera but are recorded in your betting history. The security service or software analyses all logs, and you may be suspected of cheating.

In any case, remember: gambling should remain a pleasure! Don't make your life miserable by chasing your winnings. Play as long as it pleases you!


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