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How is your health today? How are you feeling? Do you have aches and pains, mental fog, and fatigue that weigh you down and make you cranky and less productive than you'd like to be? We don't need to wait for New Year's to make some resolutions for a healthier living; we can begin to make small and consistent changes that take root now for big results later.

Have you taken a self-evaluation of your lifestyle habits, and if so, are you happy with them? If you see room for improvement, consider adopting these strategies for healthier living and an overall improvement in the way you look and feel:

1. Start incorporating more fruits and veggies into your diet

The perceptions of parents and managers of health-service situated food retailers towards the supply and labelling of healthier food choices and the food and drinks offered available in health care facilities in Australia are different as different age groups.

It's not easy to pass up a decadent cheeseburger in favour of a bowl of fresh fruit or a kale salad, but the reality is, we are literally building our bodies with the food that we consume. If you want to build a Cadillac, you need to use premium materials; on the other hand, if you are looking to create Pinto status, then make cheeseburgers and tacos your regular fare of choice.

Who are we kidding? We all want the Cadillac look, don't we? Start by making small changes, like adding a salad to a meal, and work from there. Every small and consistent change will bring you closer to creating a healthier habit that you desire.

The Australian Dietary Guidelines are for use by health professionals, policymakers, educators, food makers, food retailers and researchers, in order that they will notice ways in which to assist Australians to eat healthy diets. to ensure that Australians will make healthy food selections, the people would like the dietary recommendation that's supported the most effective scientific evidence on food and health. The latest eating out in Australia report known healthy eating as a key trend within the industry, increasing by nearly 15 per cent within the past year.

2. Get hydrated!

Nobody drinks enough water-we should all aim for drinking at least half our body weight in ounces daily. Switch out that morning coffee with a refreshing glass of ice water with lemon, and keep a water bottle near you so you can sip on it all day. Over time, all of these little sips will add up, and you'll find that you look better, you feel better, and you move better than you have in a long time. You are well hydrated!

3. Set yourself up for the future

Contemplating your future and deciding what you want to create will help you to consciously design your life the way you want it. How do you want your life to look in ten, twenty, or thirty years? Protecting yourself and your loved ones are essential as you move through life; evaluate your retirement accounts, get a health insurance quote, and create your future as you make smart health and financial choices that will make your future bright.

4. Move that body!

According to Greg Taylor, “Having portrayed Australia at the world rowing Championships on four occasions, I actually learnt the ‘real’ ins and outs of coaching.

It’s not a secret that group exercise isn't solely easier to encourage yourself for, however usually a lot of pleasurable”. A strong mind is only a piece of the puzzle; you need to strengthen your body to improve your health. There are so many ways to improve your physical fitness nowadays-yoga, weight lifting, walking/running, pilates, swimming, the cycling-the list is endless. Pick your passion and vary it from time to time; confusing those muscles is the best way to continue making strides toward your best and healthiest body. Exercise also releases powerful endorphins, those feel-good hormones that elevate your mood and clear your mind. As you see positive changes in the way you look and feel, you'll be motivated to do even more to improve yourself.

5. Practice mindfulness

In today's fast-paced world of flurry and activity, it can seem nearly impossible to slow down our thinking and turn inward for a bit of inner wisdom. Practising meditation, breathing, and mindfulness allows us to slow down the outer edges of frantic thinking and go inward, getting to the root of feelings, actions, and intentions. Studies on meditation linked regular practice to clearer thinking, an ability to better regulate emotions, and overall resistance to stress and its effects on the body. With all of these benefits, it seems we would all do a bit better if we incorporated some mindfulness and quiet time into our busy schedules.

6. Stay on top of your mental health

The stresses and experiences of life really have the potential to weigh us down; we need to prioritize our mental and emotional health if we are to achieve overall wellness. Try these strategies for upkeep on mental health:

  • Exercise to release endorphins

  • Maintain a healthy and active social life

  • Get enough sleep

  • Consider counselling for nagging or impenetrable issues

  • Find and foster your creative passions

Caring for yourself as a whole individual is essential for good physical health. Your mind is an invaluable asset; cherish and protect it, and it will serve you well.

Be your best self; you deserve it!

You deserve to live a fulfilling life in a body and mind that are joyful and strong; we all do. You have been given an incredible gift of life, and it is your responsibility to shape and craft this life in a manner that makes you proud, having no regrets. No matter where you are right now in your current state of mental, physical, and emotional health, you deserve more-but it starts with more. You must choose to incorporate healthy and productive habits that propel you in the direction of your dreams. It's time to design your ultimate life!


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