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Protecting your staff against the flu has a ripple effect on the success of the business or organisation. You can encourage your workers to get vaccinated – however, bringing the vaccination into the workplace itself has more positive results. Let's take a look at some of these positive effects of protecting your staff against the flu. 

  • 1. Staff Wellness

Staff wellness must always be a priority. This goes beyond making sure that the medical aid is efficiently paid or that there is a response team in the event of an injury. Staff wellness also means being able to protect them from any potential illness as much as possible. The flu is one such condition that employers can play a role in by providing workplace flu vaccinations. It will mean that the risk of having a whole workforce down with the flu will be reduced. An ill workforce means that the productivity of the business simultaneously takes a plunge. This has a ripple effect on the profits and success of the business. 

  • 2. Protect Your Health 

Providing workplace flu vaccination means protecting yourself from catching the flu. You may decide to get vaccinated at your own accord. However, you spend most of your time with your employees. If they have the flu, you may catch it as well, particularly during the window period that the vaccination is meant to kick in but has not yet reached full efficacy. 

  • 3. Customer and Client Wellness

You have to consider the health of your customers or clients who may be interacting with your workforce. If your employees are sick with the flu, making contact with your target market means placing them at risk of catching the flu as you have no way of knowing those who may have been vaccinated and those who weren’t. This is an example of how the flu spreads among communities because the customers or clients will then return to their households and possibly spread the flu which they may have caught from your employees. Workplace vaccinations, therefore, play a role in communal spread prevention. 

  • 4. Avoid Workplace Injuries 

Not all flu cases require sick leave. However, an ill worker is at risk of workplace injuries. For example, if an employee takes medication that leads to drowsiness, they may mishandle an equipment or fall asleep while operating a machine. Workplace injuries can result in lawsuits and you may have to play your part to state your position in the case, which can cost you. Making sure that your employees are protected from the flu is one way of avoiding such scenarios. Accordingly, if you would like to learn more about 2021 paid sick leave laws US based employers and employees are covered by, you can find some helpful resources on the Zenefits website.

  • 5. Minimise Workplace Error 

Employees suffering from the flu may not perform to the best of their abilities. Flu symptoms such as headaches and dizziness may lead to an err in judgement. Some errors can cost you finances or client relationships which is detrimental to business success. You can avoid errors caused by flu illness if you provide workplace flu shots. 

  • 6. Employee Education

You can take workplace immunisation as an opportunity to educate your workforce about illness and hygiene. You can do this with hygiene safety signs such as those in this article source, or through employee seminars. Hygiene safety signs are best placed in areas where contact with bacteria and viruses can occur such as bathrooms, kitchens, and break rooms. Meanwhile, workplace education is a form of motivation and growth for the staff members. The more employees become educated on issues such as health and hygiene, the more this becomes engrained as a company culture. Such initiatives also contribute to employee involvement and interaction which is a motivating factor.

  • 7. Resourcefulness 

If you vaccinate your employees, you reduce the risk of then having to pay sick leave or added medical expenses for your staff members. Once your employees sign in for sick leave, not only are you going to cover the costs that may arise, but you lose out on the manpower you require to complete various tasks. Manpower lack means that your productivity is delayed which leads to the generation of less profits. You won't have to worry about mass sick leave payments if your workforce is healthy. 

  • 8. Employee Loyalty

Employees who feel appreciated and cared for beyond their contribution to increased profits, may increase their loyalty to their workplace. Issuing workplace vaccinations is a statement that you care for their wellbeing within and outside of the working space. Employee loyalty and appreciation increases productivity levels which in turn maximises profits. If employees however feel as if their health is disregarded as long as they are still able to perform duties, you may risk having a disgruntled and demotivated workforce which may lead to absenteeism and below standard output. 


Providing workplace flu shots will increase the chances of business success during the flu season. Business success is influenced by staff wellness, your wellness as you need to supervise, and the wellness of your clients. You also have a chance to educate your employees about health and wellness, as well as avoid workplace injuries and errors. Use resources like this to help your employees stay as safe and healthy as possible:



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