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Headaches can drive one crazy. No one welcomes headaches with open hearts. Headaches are miserable, enough said. Usually, when we encounter a headache, we start thinking about the possible causes that might have triggered it in the first place. We tend to blame stress or something we ate. And we might be right for pointing our fingers in those directions. There are numerous common triggers for headaches, some are tension headaches, and others are cluster or migraine headaches. The faster one can identify the headache triggers, the easier to get rid of them. If you suffer from frequent headaches, you might want to visit the headache treatment services at Camberwell. Read on to learn more about some of the common headache triggers.

1) Stress

Stress is the most common factor that causes headaches. And trust me when I say this, young or old, all of us have faced headaches caused by stress. Have you ever noticed some other underlying pain factors that are linked with stress? Some people also experience pain in the shoulders and neck and their head when they are anxious or stressed out. Others try to cope with their stress by biting their fingernails or binge eating some food. Stress is also a common cause for migraine, usually starting on one part of the head, especially surrounding the eye area. It might travel to the other side of the head and prolong from hours to days. Migraine makes you sensitive to light and sounds.

2) Alcohol intake

Cluster headache is typically linked with alcohol intake. However, alcohol consumption can also be the underlying cause of migraine. If you experience a stabbing and throbbing pain in one eye, which keeps coming back several times during the day, you have a migraine attack. The frequency of cluster and migraine headaches also depends on the ratio of your alcohol consumption and tolerance level. For some people, taking a few ounces of alcohol is enough to trigger headaches. It is not clear if alcohol alone should take all the blame or whether other glossed-over components would be causing such headaches.

3) Diet

According to doctors, certain food intolerance can also cause headaches. This is specifically true for processed food or food that is high in nitrates. You should check for any food intolerance in this regard. If you have a sweet tooth, you might want to abstain from consuming too much-processed sugar or chocolate as this can lead to brain fog. For your brain to work effectively, you need to pay special attention to what you are consuming. Sometimes, a headache is triggered by dehydration. Also, if you are a regular consumer of caffeine, in the form of coffee or smoke. The withdrawal from coffee can trigger headaches. It takes the body days to weeks to adjust to the absence of caffeine. The same goes for smokers. If you decide to go cold turkey, you will have to embrace the recurring headaches that are bound to follow. Your environment plays a crucial factor in triggering a headache, as well. Cluster headaches can also be seasonal. People with seasonal cluster headaches usually suffer from these during the fall and spring seasons.


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