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You surely would like to have your tooth replaced when you want a dazzling smile but have a missing tooth; you feel awkward every time you smile. Thanks to dental implants - you can have the most fabulous smile you ever wish.

Dental implants are a new, modern, and improved dental care technology where you can replace your missing tooth that matches your natural teeth. Dental implants provide a permanent and firm foundation by embedding a screw-like metal root and a crown made from ceramic or porcelain which is cavity resistant material.

A dental implant is a surgical procedure, but never worry because the method is perfectly safe and has a high success rate. So it would never make sense if you are skeptical about getting dental implants because you will have these benefits when you get one.

Safety of the procedure

Just like other procedures, your dentist or doctor will put you through an assessment to see if your body can handle it. No medical professional will allow you to go through an operation if they see any warning signs your body might have.

Of course, always go to licensed professionals for a check up, especially when it comes to your health. For example, the professionals at the all on 4 clinics are accredited by the government and have their own specializations as well.

Preserves your jawbone

Your jawbone is preserved despite it undergoing trauma during the surgical operation. The metal root, which is directly embedded into the jawbone, continues to be stimulated and receives nutrients from the body; thus, it stays healthy and nourished. It bonds with the dental implant, thus making it a natural part of the body that provides a stable and permanent foundation for the implants and the teeth structure.

The jawbone and the implants are expected to be at full potential when they are perfectly fused. It must be completely healed before you can thoroughly and fully utilize the functionality of the implants.

Increase self-confidence

Since you will have a natural-like set of teeth, the dental implant becomes a pleasing aesthetic for you. You will regain your original face structure, and you will never be as conscious and look awful when you have a missing tooth. Your self-esteem will significantly improve, and your smile will be as dazzling as it should.

With dental implants, you can laugh without holding back, have great confidence, and hold no reservations in social gatherings. Also, dental implants save you from embarrassing moments because you don’t remove them when you brush or clean your gums.

Comfort in speaking

Dental implants will not slip, unlike when you have poorly-fitting dentures. Loose dentures affect your speech causing you to slur or mumble your words. Adjusting to removable dentures can cause you to struggle to pronounce words. But having dental implants, you can freely talk without inhibitions because you will never worry that your teeth might slip - after all, the roots are stable and have become part of your body. Before your treatment begins as your dentist about all on 4 dentures.

Sliding teeth can also cause gum discomfort or even cause trauma to your gums that would also make speaking uncomfortable.

Improved appearance

The teeth usually limit the function of the jaw, like how far it can close. It can cause sagging when you have incomplete teeth. It also affects the structure of the cheeks and the lips. Having a complete set of teeth supports the overlying tissues so that it creates a fuller look of the lips and the perfect form of the cheeks.

Your teeth speak a lot about your appearance, and with dental implants, you will regain that perfectly original appearance because your teeth will look like your own and feel like your natural teeth.

Improved health

Incomplete teeth make chewing difficult. It would even discourage you from eating because of the discomfort that you would experience—causing you to eat just what seems easily chewable even without those needed nutrients. But, having dental implants, your chewing habit would return to normal, allowing you to eat your favorite foods, most notably the healthy ones.

Furthermore, there’s a danger of having unhealthy teeth. Having tooth decay and gum disease may lead to serious health problems like heart infection. So wearing dental implants will prevent you from acquiring this disease and ultimately having a healthy life.

Built to last

Dental implants are a long-term solution to your dental problems. Unlike other dental solutions such as dentures, bridges, and crowns, implants can last a lifetime, and thus no need for frequent replacements. All you need to do is the proper dental care; brush, floss, and a regular visit to your dentist.


A dental implant gives several benefits than the other dental solutions. It may cost much higher, but everything is worth your money. If you are skeptical about the procedure, always make sure to get as much information before you go through the process and, most of all, know the benefits of having it like the ones listed above. Check out Kew Dentistry All on 4 cost.


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