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If you are looking for novel and exciting ways to make your garden look a whole lot better, but you are not a great gardener, then fear not, because a good-looking garden does not revolve just around plants, there are plenty of other simple things that can be done to make it look better and feel more liveable. Granted it is going to need some plants as well, which is not as hard as you might think. With a bit of logic and some guidance planting really doesn’t have to be a chore, but that is a topic for another day, for now, here are some ideas of ways to improve your garden so that all your friends are talking about.


Make a place to meander

Ever wanted to lead somebody up the garden path? Well, you need a path in order to do that! A nice path made with paving stones or old railway sleepers is a great feature, especially if you have a wild and untamed garden. A quick Google search for something like, ‘sandstone pavers Melbourne’ is the type of thing that will provide you with the results that you need. These are not overly expensive, but they can be a mission to lay. So, either look to invite some friendly muscle over for some beers and a work-party, or, hire in help to get them moved and laid.


Attract birds

By placing simple things like bird baths and bird feeds in your garden you will immediately start to attract birds. And having wildlife in your garden is one of the biggest advantages of living in a place with a garden as opposed to an apartment. Urban dwellers tend to be very alienated from nature so anything that you can do to bring back to your yard is a good idea. And, it probably goes without saying, if you do install these items into your yard, then make sure that they are topped up regularly with seed and water, there is no point having them if they don’t dispense the things they were designed to.



Plant a tree. Yes, we said this article would not talk about plants, but trees are so much more than just plants. Planting a tree is an hour’s worth of hard work and a lifetime’s worth of reward. The regard comes in the form of shade, shelter for wildlife, habitat for insects and general beauty. Make sure that you dig a big hole that has plenty of compost and then plant your tree. Water it well and water it regularly. When watering, give it deep soakings once or twice a week, not light watering daily. This is to encourage the roots to grow down and to find water in deep soil. Once a tree has done this it will thrive and grow and be maintenance free for the rest of its life. Remember, that when planting a tree, it is small, but it grows big. So, factor the growth into the equation when planting and don’t put it in too close to a wall or a roof or somewhere that is going to mean that you need to cut it back, or down, in a couple of years.


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