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Why is the efficiency of your heating and cooling system important? It’s important because it has a direct impact on the amount you pay for your heating and cooling bills. Did you know that energy bills can account for up to 48% of residential costs? When your heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system isn’t performing at full capacity, money is being blown and your house is being kept in an unsanitary condition.

If you’re wondering what to do about an inefficient system, the answer is duct cleaning. That’s right − you likely need to get your HVAC system’s ducts cleaned. There are many companies that offer duct cleaning in Melbourne who can help get your HVAC system running smoothly again. There are also other ways of ensuring your heating and cooling system is running at full efficiency, some of which are detailed below.

Seal Your HVAC Ducts

Sometimes your ductwork can have holes and rips in it where air is escaping and making your system run less efficiently. Companies that offer duct cleaning in Melbourne may also be able to help you with resealing your ducts and fixing holes. It may depend on the condition of your ductwork, as in some cases it could be more cost-effective to simply replace the ducts with new ones.

It’s also possible to seal your HVAC ducts yourself using mastic and foil backed tape. Trying to seal holes from the inside can be more challenging, but it can be done using aerosol based sealants. If all this sounds too hard, it’s best to hire a company for duct cleaning in Melbourne and mention that you’re concerned about the seals on your ducts. They’ll then be able to test your system for any leaks.

Clean Your HVAC’s Coils

As with the duct sealing task, this is something you can do yourself. However, a better option is hiring a company for residential duct cleaning in Melbourne to thoroughly clean all parts of your HVAC system. This includes your furnace or air handlers, the coil and heat exchanger, the grills and registers, and all supply and return ducts. It doesn’t make much sense to tackle cleaning the coils yourself when you can hire someone to do the whole lot to save you time and effort.

Just ask them before they start the job what their services for duct cleaning in Melbourne include. Prices and quality of services offered by different companies can vary, so it’s important to ask questions before handing over your cash to ensure you get what you’re paying for.

Get Your Ducts Cleaned

Energy efficiency is a good reason to hire someone for duct cleaning in Melbourne, but it isn’t the only reason. When your ducts haven’t been cleaned for a while, all kinds of nasty debris builds up, including pet dander, dust, vermin excrement, pollen, mould spores, and much more. This cocktail of unpleasantness is then being pumped all around your home. Such a situation may result in strange odours, hay fever symptoms, aggravation of asthma, and excess dust being deposited on furniture, drapings and clothing. For all these reasons, and also to lower your bills, it’s a great idea to call someone for duct cleaning in Melbourne. When you get your ducts cleaned, you can breathe easy again.


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