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  • Written by Julian Carter

So, you’ve just made a wonderful purchase from a Sealy mattress sale. It is undoubtedly a worthy investment for a good night’s sleep for many years. However, to protect your investment and prolong its life, it should be properly maintained.

Mattress brands like Sealy are popular because of their style, quality, and durability. But many elements in your home can easily damage any mattress, including bad habits in handling your mattress.

Take care of your mattress by keeping these things and practices away:

1. Bedbugs

Bedbugs are tiny but nasty insects that are notorious in the hotel industry. You may get them from hotels or other rentals when you stay for a night. These minuscule bugs can hop on your luggage and ride with you home, then wreak havoc in your mattress and family’s health.

Keep them away from your luggage and clothing while you stay in room rental. Also, treat your belongings accordingly upon arriving at home, instead of simply bringing everything to your bedroom. Covering your mattress with bedbug protection can also help keep these pesky bugs away from your family.

2. Food particles, dust, and other tiny debris

Tiny particles can cause different problems to your mattress. Food particles and drinks, for instance, attract nasty pests to the mattress or cause moulds to build up. On the other hand, accumulated dust, pollens, pet fur, etc., boosts wear and tear. And these pose different health risks to your family as well.

A mattress protector can minimise the build-up of such elements. Consider buying a quality protector along with your mattress deal. Of course, regularly washing your beddings and vacuuming the mattress every few months can do wonders.

3. Problematic mattress support

Mattresses that lack proper support easily acquire more wear and tear in a shorter time. It is because a mattress also needs help while supporting your weight. Thus, it is important to use the right bed with quality frames or box springs to keep your mattress in good shape. And these features should also match the mattress itself.

Say, box springs are perfect for spring mattresses, whereas foam mattresses require sturdy and solid support from the frame. Queen and king-sized mattresses also need extra support, such as thicker bars in the middle of the frame.

Check these supports to make sure they’re in good shape. Broken frames, for example, can puncture the mattress and cause large damages.

4. Harsh usage and handling

Improper use and care of mattresses also cause problems. Simply jumping on it even accelerates its wear and tear, so better tell your kids not to do so. Putting heavy objects on the mattress is also a big NO.

Another popular habit is flipping the mattress for even wear and tear on both sides. This is great for spring mattresses, especially those with older styles. But this is damaging for foam mattresses since these are made with the foam layer on top. Flipping such mattresses can potentially damage the layers while making you sleep on the wrong and uncomfortable side.

Simply rotating the mattress by 180 degrees every three or four months is great.

5. Pets

Yes, you love your furbabies, but they bring elements that are harmful to your mattress. Think of their fur, waste, and even food, among other stuff. Their nails can puncture the mattress as well. Better yet, buy their own special mattress for their comfort.

Make your Sealy mattress sale purchase last longer by keeping these things and habits away from your precious investment. These, along with proper mattress care, will surely give a comfortable, good night’s sleep for years to come.

Julian Carter is a farmer of words in the field of creativity. She is an experienced independent content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. She is a multi-niche content chef who loves cooking new things.


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