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For some, moving is a part of life because of their work situation or just because some people like to change their surroundings often, and it can be a cause for celebration. For others it’s a very rare event and if you have a large family home to pack up after many years of habitation, this can be a stressful time.

Either situation can create a list of expenses that can quickly and unexpectedly get out of control.    


Moving costs can easily mount up little by little and can take a large bite out of your total purchasing budget.  Having up-front knowledge of what some of these hidden costs could be can go some way to helping ensure you have enough funds to cover your expenses.

You will inevitably want to redecorate

You’ve inspected your new pad; you have purged old unfashionable décor and you really want to be able to freshen up the look and feel of your new home when you get there. Do some online window shopping and get some pricing estimates of items you want to replace and add-up how much it will all cost, so you can factor this into your financial plan.

Street access and parking

Depending on where you are moving to, you need to research early how you and your removalists will access the property from the street. You may need to apply to the city for a special parking permit or there may be time limits on how long you can park in certain streets or easements. If you are moving into an apartment you may need to have your parking particulars approved prior to moving day or you may need to consider parking meters or private parking options. Many of these scenarios could incur fees and charges so investigate access at the beginning of your planning process. You will need to know this information when communicating with your removalists.  Especially for Removalists in Melbourne, Sydney Removalists and Removalists in Brisbane.

Boxes and packaging extras

Even if you have a great second-hand source for boxes, you may need to buy some extras, particularly if you have some weighty or bulky items that need specially designed moving boxes. You can get these from a variety of places so do some Google searching and compare prices. You also need to factor in the cost of other essentials such as bubble wrap, butcher’s paper, packing tape and dispensers, permanent markers, box cutters etc. Sometimes you can purchase these materials as part of your contract with your removalists, where the cost is added to your invoice, or in some circumstances, supplies are included as part of the service.

Additional storage solutions

Sometimes, if you have items you can’t move but can’t part with, paying rent for additional storage facilities is the logical step. People use storage solutions for all sorts of scenarios, some use them when they go traveling overseas, some use them when they are moving interstate and don’t know what the space will be like before they get there, some people just use them to declutter their space without the heartbreak of the purge.

Storage is just a simple and effective way to keep the things you know you want but don’t have the time or the means to negotiate their full relocation. It can be a short-term or long-term solution. There are many different solutions available too, beyond you taking your things to a lockable garage type container, some companies provide a “taxi” like service where you are delivered a storage “pod” (much like when you hire a skip bin) that you fill as you go over a week or two and then the company collect it and take it to their site.

Whatever solution you happen to choose, undoubtedly there are expenses attached that you will need to consider in your moving budget.

Account transfers and re-connections

If you are moving to a new home in the same area as where you have been, you may be able to simply transfer your accounts for your utilities and communications as the infrastructure is possibly already available, hence keeping installation costs down. Moving further afield however, introduces the new experience of finding the best local providers and starting new accounts. Hopefully, you will find a provider where their infrastructure already exists at the new premises, however, costs will inevitably be higher if you need to introduce new installations to the property. This may be difficult to manage from a distance, but research your options and ask lots of questions and get quotes if you have the choice to do so. There could always be little technical charges or infrastructure issues that you just don’t know about until the time comes to get things up and running.

Basic survival during moving day

Depending on your circumstances, this could be a substantial financial consideration or a small change meal, either way you will need to eat and maybe even sleep during your transition.

A move a small distance might just mean you factor in your normal grocery shop to be delivered at the new place at the right time and some extra cash on hand for take-out or snacks on moving day. If you are moving further afield you may need a more substantial portion of your budget dedicated to these basic needs. You might need to consider extra fuel, air travel, accommodation and purchasing meals your entire trip.

The cost of disposal and replacement

You are frantically purging your wardrobe, useless dust collecting trinkets and all those coffee mugs you have somehow collected. Don’t underestimate the costs that can accumulate just from trying to “get rid of stuff”, especially if you are doing it ethically and trying to re-home or re-purpose your culled items.

You may want to hold a market stall or garage sale (site fees, advertising costs), you may need to hire a skip bin or take loads to the dump (hire costs, dumping fees), selling stuff online can bring you cash but factor in the cost of any website fees or charges and any required postage to dispatch goods, then there is also the costs of getting to the post office and transporting items to charity donation points etc.

Of course, if you have items that sustain damage during transit, you may need to consider the cost of replacement, so if you can put a little extra aside for loss or damage, and also pay to get moving insurance, this will help cushion the blow.

Some of these costs may seem insignificant but if you are accumulating surprise costs it will all hit your back pocket at a time when you are looking to create a new stability, it just ‘pays’ to be thoughtful and aware that we can always expect the unexpected.


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