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Yes, you read the title right! German cockroach species is considered as the worst amongst the 4500 different species of cockroaches spread around the world. These nocturnal insects have earned a bad reputation due to several reasons, the biggest of which is the damage caused by them.

Whether it’s a small home, a high-rise office, industrial warehouse, a fancy restaurant, or a luxury hotel, every property that gets invaded by German cockroaches poses multiple threats to the occupants and visitors. Having the scientific name “Blattella Germanica”, the German cockroach is one of those cockroach species that are recognized as pests.

German Cockroach treatment conducted by the professionals, i.e., cockroach exterminators is the right approach for getting rid of German cockroaches. Pest removal companies are equipped with knowledge and equipment for removing all kinds of pests smoothly. These companies utilize the treatment method that is not only suitable as per the infestation level but also safe for human beings.

Being one of the most widespread cockroach species, German cockroaches attack residential, commercial, and other buildings constantly. They prefer living in human habitats as it provides them with favourable conditions for sustenance and growth. To be precise, they don’t just live but thrive in houses and workplaces.

How to Identify German Cockroaches?

Along with German cockroaches, households and businesses in Australia are also susceptible to attacks from other species of cockroaches, such as American cockroaches and Australian cockroaches. People who have not seen German cockroaches closely might not be able to tell them apart from other cockroaches.

Therefore, you should acquire information on how to identify this cockroach species. German cockroaches are roughly 10 to 16 millimetres (mm) in size. Nymphs are smaller than the adult cockroaches. The body colour of adult roaches is light brown to tan. Female roaches are darker in colour than their male counterparts. The body colour of nymphs is dark brown to black.

Two distinctive dark-coloured bands, parallel to each other, running the length of the pronotum are also one of the physical characteristics that can help you to identify the German cockroach. You can even notice dark stripes on the back of German cockroaches. While male German roaches have thin bodies, female German roaches have stout bodies. Despite having wings, they hardly fly, as they are incapable of taking a long flight.

What Attracts German Cockroaches?

Contrary to popular belief that cockroaches enter the premises that are unhygienic, German cockroaches invade both hygienic and unhygienic properties. The reason attributing to this fact is that various reasons are responsible for the German cockroach infestation.

So, even if you have maintained the highest possible level of hygiene inside and around your premises, German roaches can still haunt you. Having knowledge of the factors that lure these cockroaches into your home or workplace will come handy for controlling the infestation.

German cockroaches feed on a variety of items, including but not limited to sugars starch, meat, glue, book bindings, toothpaste, and soap. You should not keep food items, especially ones that contain sugar and starch, such as fruits, cookies, sugary drinks, corn, beans, and bread lying on the dining table, kitchen countertop, and other places.

Similarly, you should not keep other items lying here and there in your property. Keep stationery, personal care, and craft items in their respective cabinets. As German roaches get attracted by food debris and other waste material, you need to empty your dustbins regularly and keep them free from stains and odours.

If you have pets in your home, you need to store the pet food properly. Along with the internal areas of your home, you should also keep an eye of the external areas, such as garden and backyard. Being scavengers, German cockroaches eat dead insects and pests which might be present in your outdoor space.

You can inspect the pantry, kitchen cabinets, sink, corners of your property, and other areas for food spills to keep German roaches at bay. Keep the moisture and humidity levels to a minimum in the bathroom and other areas of your building. You can opt for buying a dehumidifier.

Wrapping Up

Not just your belongings, but your health is also at risk from German cockroaches, as they carry harmful bacteria that can contaminate your food. They can cause typhoid, food poisoning, urinary tract infection, and many other diseases. Thus, eliminating German cockroaches from your property is crucial for protecting your belongings and preserving your health. Pest control experts can help you achieve this objective effectively.


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