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Leather is quite a strong material and is desirable for use in the making of furniture. Not only is the material impressively durable, but it is also quite plush – giving your furniture that premium look. What puts most people off purchasing leather furniture, however, is the perception that the material requires high maintenance, thus eliminating the enjoyment one would draw from owning such enduring furniture.

While constant maintenance activities and some vigilance are ideal, caring for your leather lounge furniture does not have to be the ordeal that some people believe it is. A few tips and tricks listed below will have you taking pleasure in your leather lounge for a long time to come.

Undertake regular cleaning: Although it may not be readily apparent, your lounge can accumulate quite a bit of dirt and other debris. Weekly or bi-weekly cleaning is recommended based on the frequency of use. To clean your lounge most effectively, make use of a soft cloth to wipe off the surfaces, and a vacuum with a soft-bristled brush attachment to get to the hard to reach spaces. Once this is done, take a damp cloth that has been dipped in water, distilled is best, and wipe all surfaces. You do not need much water for this. The less water, the better. Allow drying by airing.

Condition the material: Leather is a natural substance and can dry out with time. Certain oils are found in leather that requires constant replenishment. These oils serve the essential purpose of maintaining the supple quality of the material, thus rendering it soft and truly durable. The oil also acts as a barrier so that the lounge does not stain quite as easily.

Buff your lounge: Buffing is handy in keeping the lounge looking just as shiny and inviting as it did on the day it was purchased. Buffing can be carried out after every clean to restore shine and reduce the appearance of cracks and creases that would otherwise mar the appearance of your lounge. To buff, use a dry cloth made preferably of microfiber or otherwise soft material.

Take note of positioning: It matters where you choose to place your leather lounge. Sunlight has adverse effects on leather and, if exposed for prolonged periods, your lounge will gain a dry and cracked appearance that is less than pleasing to the eye. As you consider the placement of your leather furniture, therefore, have care and look to minimising the exposure of your lounge to direct sunlight, heat and cold from AC units and heat from fireplaces. Please note that this will only minimise and slow down the effects of exposure as express and total prevention is neither possible nor ideal.

Learn the best stain removal methods: While it is easy to clean, leather can still acquire stains from spills. Effective stain removal relies on quick action and the best techniques. One trick to this that cannot be overlooked is learning the type of leather used in making your lounge. From here, you can select the cleaning methods that are recommended for that specific type.

Arm yourself with these tips and tricks that guide you in caring for your leather lounge so that you know handy in maintaining its best appearance for as long as is possible.


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