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  • Written by Ester Adams

When you are planning to redesign your bathroom, chances are, you are thinking more about replacing the old countertops, flooring, and cabinets. Meanwhile, the toilet, despite being used a lot every day, gets the least attention.

However, TOTO, a bathroom brand, has been turning the tide with its TOTO Neorest toilet. Besides helping you conserve water, this tankless toilet provides multiple features and innovative technology that can wholly change your bathroom experience. It can create a real smart bathroom that can do many things aside from playing some songs from a music player.

While these luxury toilets have been in the market for quite a while, they are only famous for certain people. However, it's hard to deny that these toilets are becoming more popular each day for good reasons. Read more, and you will understand why you need this thing they called "the Mercedes Benz of toilets."

Innovative toilet flush system

A regular toilet can use around 3.6 gallons of water for every flush. That is over 26,000 gallons of water every year for a family of four, and that is only for using the flush. Moreover, the flush mechanism of a regular toilet can't completely wash all the debris away. With that in mind, you will be spending a lot of time and water to clean and disinfect the toilet.

Neorest toilets' have an innovative flush system that can release water at high speed, creating a centrifugal force that can efficiently flush all the waste in the toilet. These toilets only use around 0.8 to 1.28 gallons of water per plush, depending on the model you are using.

Moreover, these toilets don't have rim holes, common among regular toilets, where germ buildup usually occurs. This feature also minimizes the noise and the splash that normally occur by flushing regular toilets. This feature is known as the Cyclone Flushing System that uses an electric pump, providing a powerful water stream for every flush.

Other amazing features

Aside from the Cyclone Flushing System, the TOTO Neorest is packed with other amazing features that put the toilet on top of the competition. These features can change the way you use your bathroom.

For instance, Neorest's lid can detect if you are going to sit. It will then automatically open, allowing you to use it without touching it with your hands. Once you are done, it will flush automatically and close the lid when you leave, eliminating the little arguments about who left the toilet lid open. You can set the sensor's sensitivity through remote control to enhance its operation depending on the size of the bathroom and the toilet location. Moreover, it comes with manual control systems as a backup.

Also, the toilet features a heated seat for added comfort. Like its other feature, you can adjust the heat to your most comfortable temperature or turn it off if you want. Furthermore, Neorest toilets come with an air purifying system that automatically activates to eliminate the odour.

These are just some of the features that you can enjoy with the Neorest toilets. The toilet's high price tag could be off-putting to many people. However, those who have tried the toilet's unique system have proven that it is indeed a life-changing experience.

The Neorest's innovative features and modern design makes this toilet quite an investment. There are tons of smart toilets that are hitting the market right now. But TOTO is pushing itself on top of the competition with innovative features that can completely change the way you use a bathroom.

Author Bio: Ester Adams is independent content writer.


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