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Trees are a favourite among many homeowners as they attract wildlife, create shade and add some privacy to your yard. But there comes a time when you must make the tough decision of removing the tree when it causes your home and everyone in it more harm than good. This is where tree removal comes in handy. 

Contrary to a common misconception among most property owners, tree removal doesn’t simply mean cutting the tree but also removing its trunk and roots. Tree removal must be done by a professional as this it’s a huge undertaking for a single person alone.

If you’re still having second thoughts on removing a tree from your property, you might want to know other reasons why you should go with it. 

  1. The Tree Is Already Dead Or Dying

A common reason for removal is a dying or dead tree with trunk damage, bare branches, fungus growth or destroyed roots. If there’s one on your lawn, you need to have it taken down because it can lower your property’s curb appeal. 

Aside from that, any additional weight or pressure from winds, storms, ice or snow may cause several of its branches or the tree itself to fall. Remember, a fallen tree can cause severe damage to a property nearby, including your car or house. It might also injure someone. 

Dead trees also make your lawn unappealing to the eye. With all these downsides, you shouldn’t have any doubts about cutting down the dead tree as soon as possible. You may want to hire professionals that can do the fastest tree removal Sydney has to offer.

  1. The Tree May Cause Property Damage 

Aside from a falling dead tree, roots growing close to your home may damage your home. It’s a good enough sign you need to cut down the nearby trees. Otherwise, these roots will end up destroying your driveway, walkway, and patio stones. They can also dig a hole in your home’s foundation and causing extensive damage that’s expensive to repair. 

You should also make sure to cut trees with branches or roots that compromise the safety of your neighbour’s properties and home, especially if they’re infested with possums.

  1. The Removal May Improve Curb Appeal 

It’s every homeowner’s dream to have a well-maintained and attractive property, but sometimes, a single tree can ruin this dream. Realizing this can be a real challenge if you have non-native or invasive tree species on your property. 

A few of those trees to watch out for are the ginkgo, princess tree, silver maple, black walnut, Bradford pear, ash, and yellow poplar. Aside from being potentially destructive, they are also difficult to maintain. Some of them may even drop grass killing nuts. 

If you find it tedious to maintain them to prevent causing damage, the best thing to do is to remove the entire tree. As a result, you won’t spend as much money, time, and effort ensuring your lawn retains its appealing look. 

  1. Removing The Tree May Give You A Better View 

Another reason to consider tree removal is when a tree or its branches start to block you from enjoying the serene natural look around your home. In such a case, you shouldn’t necessarily cut down the tree as trimming the branches and limbs does just enough to better your view without entirely removing the tree. You can also choose to cut down the entire tree if its size is bigger than expected and you want it removed altogether. 

  1. The Tree Is Sick 

While some tree infections can be easily treated, the same doesn’t apply to some, especially if a disease is identified in advanced stages. Some of the most common symptoms of trees ravished by a disease include the following.

  • * Hollow pits 
  • * Dead branches 
  • * Dusty white mildew 
  • * Clusters of new shoots 
  • * Spherical or lumpy growths 
  • * Burnt, yellow, wilted or spotted leaves 

If you see a tree showing any of these signs, remove it as soon as possible as it might transmit the disease to other trees in your lawn and the entire neighbourhood.  

  1. The Tree Is In A Bad Location 

A tree located too close to your home, water or sewer lines or power lines can result in problems in the future. In such scenarios, the best thing to do is hire a professional tree removal company to cut down the tree. 

You should never attempt to cut down in the wrong location to safeguard yourself from possible hazards. For example, you shouldn’t remove a tree located too close to utility lines or underground water pipes. Otherwise, you risk breaking the water line or causing a fire. Professional tree removal experts know how to avert these accidents by implementing appropriate safety measures. 


It’s no doubt trees can make your landscape look beautiful. However, there are times when tree removal is the best thing to ensure your home’s interior and exterior remain in excellent condition. This guide has taken you through these different scenarios when to consider tree removal, regardless of how hard this might be. 


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