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Whether you’re a plant lover, you have a green thumb or simply livening up your space, botanical additions to your home are a great way to add vibrancy to your home. But when you decide to bring plants home, you'll also need to take into consideration how they interact with your existing home aesthetic.

Looking to add character to your balcony? If you exclusively want plants for your balcony, then you can be flexible about the botanical wares you choose. Even then, there are plenty of accents and garden decor options available that can help you transform your balcony.

Most people tend to bring their plants indoors as well - whether you’re on the hunt for indoor or outdoor plants, botanical homewares add texture and shade to your spaces, enabling plants blend in with your home.

From the kind of plant pot you choose, to artistic homewares that accentuate your home – the choices are endless! Here are 5 factors to consider when buying botanical homewares for your home:

  1. What Kind of Plants Are You Getting?

Different plants need different sizes and shapes of plant pots. A plant that needs a 14cm container simply won't thrive in a 6cm container! If you’re considering germinating or propagating, you’ll need to consider exactly what botanical homewares you need.

Seed germination trays and seedling trays make it easier for you to care for seeds until they are ready to be transplanted to a proper container. There are endless options for beautiful botanical homewares – there is no limit on design, colour, shades or textures, you just have to find the right fit for your home! From hand painted pots with patterns to standard pared back designs, you can rest assured that you'll find planter pots that go perfectly with your home decor.

  1. What’s the Material of Your Botanical Homewares?

Botanical wares, especially planter pots, come in different materials and textures. Plastic and ceramic are common, you can also find concrete and ceramic containers plus treated wood.

Keep in mind - certain types of containers have disadvantages as well. Plastic breaks easily and isn't always ideally suited to plants and is not ideal for transporting. But they are easy to carry, and if you live in a small apartment and have plants on your balcony, then plastic containers are great. Concrete containers are sturdier, but this adds extra weight to balconies and are more difficult to move around.

Many people also use eco-friendly growing bags for their plants. These can be highly lucrative for plant growth and add a nice earthy touch to your room.

  1. Complement Your Home!

The range and variety of botanical wares available make it possible for you to choose items that complement your home design. You might need indoor plants, in which case you can opt for everything from hanging plants to indoor tall plants, ferns, and more.

Using coloured rope or jute accents to hang your indoor plants allows you to create unique aesthetics in your home. If you have a plant that tends to grow long, such as a money plant or an English Ivy, hang them in various places like bookshelves or windowsills or bathrooms! This creates a beautiful cascading look, adding vibrancy and character to any room.

These plants, along with many other indoor plants, also have air purifying qualities. By incorporating plants into to your home, especially in common areas - actively improve the air quality within your space!

  1. Look For Drainage Holes

Something to keep an eye out for is that not all botanical containers or planter pots come with drainage holes, plus some that do have drainage holes don’t have a tray for storing water. If your botanical homeware doesn't have a drainage hole, you may need to make one yourself.

You may also have a busy schedule so alternatively, consider buying a plant that doesn't need regular watering if you want a container without drainage holes. Drainage holes allow extra water to escape, and not having one can cause root rot in many plants.

  1. Decorate Your Home And Garden

Aside from containers and equipment that you can use on your plants and garden, botanical homeware also includes home accents and decor items. From small figures that add character to garden spaces, to garden gnomes - there's a lot of personality you can add to your home with botanical homewares.

Botanical Homewares for Your Home and Garden

Botanical homewares allow you to add character and personality to your space. Whether you want quirky designs or something simple, you're very likely to find exactly what you're looking for.

Find botanical wares for your home, and decorate your plants and garden exactly as you would like.


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