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Here in Australia, the average homeowner is no stranger to blocked drains.

This is because from food to hair to random objects, there are about a million and one ways your drains can become blocked.

It’s also hard to tell that an obstruction is building up in one of your drains until one day the water refuses to go down. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your pipes and be prepared to take on any blockages that come your way.

If drain work isn’t your forte, you can always contact Curran Plumbing in Cronulla. However, if you want to save some time and a few bucks, you can try out the methods listed below.

Keep reading to learn more about how to clear a blocked drain.

How to Clear a Blocked Drain

Where the blockage is located, for example, the kitchen sink versus the bathtub will give you a pretty good idea of what may have caused the blockage. This is important since the cause will clue you in as to which method will work best.

Or, you can take the time to dry each of the following to see what works:

Boiling Water

Boiling water is a free, quick, and non-toxic way to break down soap residue, grease, and food scraps that tend to become one in your pipes. If you feel the drain is extra greasy, you can also add a little detergent to your boiling water to tackle the issue.

However, if you have PVC pipes, you’ll need to stick with just hot water—not boiling—to avoid causing any damage.

DIY Natural Drain Cleaners

If you have baking soda and white distilled vinegar in your pantry, then you’ve got the ingredients to create a nice, strong, drain cleaning solution. All it takes is a ratio of one part baking soda to two parts of the vinegar, and you can even add lemon juice for a little kick.

You’ll also need to flush the drain afterwards with hot water to flush away any residue.

Commercial Caustic Cleaners

Commercial caustic cleaners, aka chemical cleaners, may not be your first choice as they’re not exactly environmentally friendly. However, these types of drain cleaners can dissolve most blockages in minutes.

You’ll also need protective eyewear and gloves, and you’ll want to follow the directions on the bottle carefully. Afterwards, flush your pipes with cold water (not hot or even warm) to clean up any chemical residue.

Remember, caustic chemicals should only be used on newer, metal pipes—PVC pipes and old pipes are easily damaged by these types of cleaners.

Try a Toilet Plunger

Plungers work great for creating an air-based force that can shift the blockage. However, they won’t do you any good when it comes to grease or hair, and you’ll need to make sure you seal any overflow or secondary drains to ensure that water doesn’t get pushed through to where it doesn’t belong.Use a Snake

If you have a drain auger (a plumber’s snake), you can use it to scrape, poke, or move any minor obstructions. If you don’t have a drain auger, you can make your own by using a wire hanger from the closet—you’ll just have to reform it a bit.

Still Need Help?

As you can imagine, not all blockages can be cleared with the above methods. While it’s necessary to take preventative measures, as in maintaining the cleanliness of your drains, there are some obstructions you can’t prevent—such as tree roots and pipe damage.

That’s where we come in. Call Curran Plumbing in Cronulla for the blockages that don’t have simple fixes and all your other plumbing needs.


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