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Keeping up with your plumbing is one of your home's vital maintenance work. Hiring a plumber every time you have concerns with your plumbings, even minor ones, is costly. You must learn how to fix some small issues with plumbing to save you money.

However, not everyone knows how to deal with plumbing repairs. It is why we are here to help you get started and guide you through fixing minor problems with your plumbing system so that you don't have to pay a professional to do small jobs.

Look for the Best Plumbing Supplier Near You

If you plan to do your plumbing repairs from now on, you should familiarize yourself first with the plumbing supply store near you. It will help you know where you can find specific plumbing parts and make your repair fast and convenient.

You must understand that not all plumbing supply stores have what you need. Thus, you must find one store that got it all for you.

For example, if you live in South Australia, say Adelaide, and are looking for Plumbing Supplies Adelaide has to offer, you should make sure that the shop you choose can provide you with all your plumbing needs— from the smallest parts, such as pipe clamps, to the biggest plumbing equipment a project can require.

Know the Parts of the Plumbing System

After figuring out where you can get plumbing supplies, the second thing you should do is know which parts of your plumbing will let you fix the issue directly to where the problem lies.

Even though you already know about the main function of your plumbing, you might still not be familiar with its parts. So, let us go through each part of your plumbing and understand its functions.

  • Pipes: These are the tubing on your plumbing where water flows freely. It can be made from metal or PVC

  • Fittings: The fittings on your plumbing system connect your pipes and help them change direction.

  • Valves: They are installed as part of your plumbing system to help the flow and the direction of the water.

  • Fixtures: Permanent section of your plumbing systems such as the sink and tubs.

  • Traps: Prevents sewer gasses from escaping.

  • Filters: Ensures that there is no waste will accumulate on the pipes.

  • Appliances. Appliances are any equipment that uses water, like dishwashers and washing machines.

Inspect Each Part of the Plumbing System

Now that you know what your plumbing consists of, you must start your repair by inspecting the parts mentioned. By doing so, you will know where the damage is and start fixing it. Follow this checklist on looking for damages to your plumbing to make it easy for you to locate it.

  • Check the water pressure on your faucet. Low water pressure can often mean clogged pipes due to accumulated waste or corrosion.

  • Check walls and ceilings for water stains. It can indicate a water leak on the pipe.

  • Examine the faucets and look for leaks and damages.

  • Inspect your toilet for lost fittings

  • Examine your drains for clogs

  • Make sure that your water system is watertight.

  • Inspect all plumbing parts for any signs of leaks, cracks, and brittleness.

  • Make sure that all pipes fit properly.

  • Check for leakage on the valves.

  • Ensure pipe insulation doesn't have damages

  • Check the spigot and look if it is dripping.

  • Ensure that the waste and med gas outlets are properly installed in the right location.

  • Look for indications of corrosion and damage on the drainage line.

  • Check for any obstruction on the gutter.

Repair or Change Damaged Parts

If you see any damage to your plumbing, repair it. However, some damages can't be fixed through repairs. Instead, you will need to buy a new piece and change the damaged one. It is where knowing where to find plumbing parts becomes important for you.

Plumbing damages are very inconvenient, and if you can't find a replacement of the damaged parts immediately, it can cause more inconvenience and, worst, damage your home. As a result, more work will be done on your home, and you will end up paying more than what you aim to save on doing DIY plumbing repairs on your home.

You need to stock up on spare plumbing parts on hand for a quick replacement or know a specific store that can sell you the part you need.

Final Words

Plumbing is a crucial part of your home. It is a system that provides water supply and also removes waste material from your home. Unfortunately, any big or small damages can cause so much inconvenience for you and your family. Therefore, as a homeowner, you must ensure your plumbing system is in good condition by knowing how to examine and repair damages on your own.


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