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There are some toilet repairs that require you to call Ryan Old Plumbing Services in Brisbane, but there are quite a few that you can handle yourself if you know how. The toilet repairs described here can usually be fixed with tools you have around the house and some step-by-step instructions. Of course, you can always call for a professional if you don’t feel like tackling a repair on your own, but doing so can save you some money and make you feel like an accomplished handyman.

Running Toilet

Most homeowners experience a running toilet at least once in their lives. A running toilet is one that, after you flush it, won’t turn off, even when the toilet bowl is filled with fresh water. There could be a couple of reasons behind a running toilet, but the fixes are both relatively simple. First, it’s possible that your tank float is set too high, so it never senses that the tank is full. You can fix this issue by lowering your tank float. Remove the tank lid, loosen the screw, lower the float arm, and retighten the screw. 

The second cause could be a bad flapper seal, which means that water is constantly leaking out and tricking the toilet into thinking it’s not full when it is. You’ll need to purchase the proper flapper seal for your toilet to make sure it fits well, but after that, this is a 10-minute repair. Turn the water supply to your toilet off and flush the toilet to drain it. Remove the tank lid, disconnect the refill tube, remove the flush valve assembly, remove the old seal and insert the new one, and reassemble the flush valve. Turn the water back on and flush your toilet to check the repair.

Toilet Won’t Flush

The issue of a toilet that won’t flush can sometimes be met with panic, especially if the water level in the bowl is rising. Fortunately, these issues are usually caused by a clog that’s not too far into the pipe. This means it’s probably one you can remove without calling a professional. The best way to remove a toilet clog is by using a plunger. Cover the hole in the toilet bowl with the plunger to create a seal, then push and pull the plunger to loosen the clog. 

This will usually be enough to dislodge the clog, but another way to remove it is to pour hot water down the toilet. This usually causes any sticky substances to melt enough to move the clog down the pipe. You may need to combine the hot water with your plunger to finally get it to move, but this is a repair that you should try to fix on your own before calling a professional.

Loose Toilet Handle

Sometimes, your toilet handle gets loose and it causes the toilet to run. This is because the chain inside your toilet tank isn’t lifting, so the tank isn’t refilling. This is why “jiggling the handle” can often fix the problem. But, if you don’t want to jiggle the handle every time you flush, check the chain attached to the float in your tank. If the chain is detached or stuck on something, you can easily reattach it (or get a new one if it’s broken) or get it unstuck. 


You don’t always have to spend money to fix your common toilet issues. Try fixing these problems yourself first and then calling in a plumber if your repair doesn’t work.


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