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Waiting for your child to be born into this world is an exciting time, especially the first time around. You still have no idea what to expect or do – and the worst part is there’s so much.

You read every parenting book out there, learn about pregnancy and labour, and get all the “baby stuff” you need. A bed, some clothes, a stroller… But wait. What about the nursery…? Are there any paint shops near me? What colours do I pick? Fear not - whether you’ve been forced to make some last-minute decisions or you’re simply looking for a solid piece of advice on how to go about decorating and painting a nursery room for your newborn – we’ve got you covered.

Picking the Paint

First of all, do your best to plan things out before you rush off to the nearest paint store and grab that roller topped off with a few buckets of paint. Think about the layout, maybe adding a feature wall to create an illusion of space, even if it’s heavily limited. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to pick the paint.

· Safety

The first concern is always safety, which is why you should go for a low-VOC paint. These chemicals are harmful and it’s best to keep them to the absolute minimum. In fact, that’s the best bet for painting in any indoor space.

· Practicality

Now let’s address the issue of sheen. Nursery rooms tend to go through a lot – whether it’s the first attempt at art or another wonderfully creative idea your baby has, your walls will not stay in that pristine condition for long. And you better come to terms with it quickly. Thankfully, a high-sheen paint offers a durable, hard-wearing finish, so you can easily wash them.

· Glare

Don’t forget about the Light Reflective Value. Sounds weirdly intimidating, but it’s simply an indicator of how light or dark the paint colour will look on a scale from 0 to 100. The higher that value, the more reflective the paint. Just something to consider.

The Right Colour

That’s arguably the hardest part – more difficult than even painting itself. And a quick disclaimer – sorry, we won’t be able to give you a simple answer or a specific colour. After all, there’s no accounting for tastes, right? We can, however, give you some pointers. Generally speaking, it’s best to stick to warm, neutral hues, if you’re trying to bring some comfort and cosiness. On the other hand, cooler colours often have a soothing effect. It’s best to steer clear of vivid, overly bright hues for the sake of the baby. You’ve got your pinks, pastels, whites, greens, blues and more. The choice is yours.


One last step is preparing the walls and gathering proper equipment - that is – if you’re planning on doing the job yourself. If so, make sure the surface you’re about to paint is clean and dry. Before you start, test the paint out on a neutral surface. This way, you’ll protect yourself against any unwanted surprises. Also, try to find quality tools; a good brush and a roller will make the job easier. Painting a nursery room is something you should try to do as early as possible. We get it, we’re all busy, but the quicker you do it, the more time you have to air it out. Even low-VOC paints aren’t perfectly safe.


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