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The 3 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Home Security, According To Professional Locksmiths

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Home is where you feel the safest - or so it needs to be. Unfortunately, we have come across many cases where people unknowingly put their homes at high risk of robbery. This happens due to ignorance or lack of knowledge about the actions that could make your home a potential target for the burglars.

Improve Your Home’s Security With These Top 3 Tips From Professional Locksmiths

Here is a list of top mistakes that Residential Locksmiths Brisbane have identified to help you improve your home’s security.

Making your absence obvious

So, often times, it happens that when leaving for vacation you post the details of its duration and your location publicly on social media. You also tend to get very excited and talk openly about it in public or announce it all over in your neighbourhood. This is a grave mistake that should be avoided under all circumstances.

Burglars are always on the lookout for easy targets. So, when you openly post on social media or discuss the details of your vacation in public, you are in fact giving the burglars all the information that they need to rob you. Knowing that there will be no one at home will make your house a prime target for burglars.

Installing fake security cameras

If you think you can save your home from burglaries by putting up fake cameras, then you are seriously mistaken. Burglars are smart and experienced and have probably come across many fake cameras over the years. Trying to save money by using dummy cameras can actually backfire, as it only signals to the burglars that you’ve not invested much in the security systems, which means your home will be easier to break into.

Leaving the doors and windows unlocked

Well, of course you lock up all your doors when leaving the house, but are all the entrances to your house securely locked up when you are in the house? Most robberies happen in the light of the day and it is never obvious how because you were in the house the whole time! Well, while you are busy in one part of the house, another part of your house is open and completely unprotected. This lets the burglars enter and rob your house without you even being aware of it.

Want to make your home more safe and secure? Install a digital lock. Burglars tens to steer clear of digital locks as they are almost impossible to break into, will immediately raise an alarm when tampered with and are just so much more complicated to deal with than a standard physical lock. Emergency Locksmith Brisbane is the most trusted and reliable locksmith company. Call us now to have a digital lock installed for your front door. Call us on 0404 532 049


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