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Despite all attempts, the construction industry remains to be the world’s most critical sector. It accounts roughly for 30-40% of the fatal injuries caused each year in service, which is the fourth-highest in Australia. 

A thriving economy and rapid urbanization in the country have massively escalated the volume of a high-rise construction site in the land. 

Injuries and casualties resulted from falls and the jolt of falling objects are constant threats. 

Therefore, safety is of sheer concern when working at a high-rise building construction. 

With safety comes the idea of advanced Height safety installation systems in such risk-prone areas for the sake of saving lives. For each array of industries, specific customs are to be adhered to.

For instance, the workers are subjected to rope access training for working effectively with scaffolds, ladders, anchor points and other fall protection gears

But in the majority of such cases, the absence of appropriate workplace safety gear seems to be the ruling source. 

That being said, the traits of these protective equipment are to be looked at when talking about improving safe working conditions in high-rise buildings in Australia. 

In this article, we confer the workplace safety gears invariably chosen for protection against all uncertainties. 

  • Head Gear

Protecting the head comes under topmost priority when risk factors are taken into count. Therefore the headgears, namely the helmets and hardhats should be of the best industrial quality. 

Especially at construction sites that lack a proper roof fall arrest system must be well-equipped with these protective measures. 

Certain helmets can resist high electric voltages and help reduce stress across the spine and neck.  Therefore picking up headgears according to one’s work conditions is crucial. 

  • Face and Eyewear:

Protecting one's face and eyes are just as important as saving one’s life. These are those vulnerable parts of our body that need utmost care while working in hazardous possibilities. 

These include face shields and protective goggles. Made from polycarbonate, these devices have a protective coating that prevents breakage and burn. They keep individuals safe from debris, fire sparks, glares and exposure to harmful chemicals. There are times when workers are exposed to infrared or ultraviolet radiation, so keeping these gears on should be of topmost priority. 

Therefore, one must ensure that their face shield has an active visor for without them, risks would multiply. Workers should confer to the standards of height safety systems in Australia before they wear those goggles. 

For typical workplaces such as welding, face shields with bigger screens are recommended to withstand the immense heat.

  • Heavy-duty Gloves:

The heavy-duty gloves are made of polyethylene and Polyvinyl chloride keeping chemical abrasions and flame exposures in mind. 

Therefore while at work, these gloves can save an individual’s hands from any kind of damage. Before fitting them, it is necessary to do a quality check. Also, the size is a big concern as non-fitting ones can cause mishaps.

  • Survival Kits: 

When workplace safety gear are taken into notice, survival kits shouldn’t be left unturned. This includes a wet towel, placed at the base of a door, foil wrap, used to cover vent openings, duct tape, which can be used to place over vent openings and doors. Even keeping whistles for calling in an emergency and a flashlight to oneself can save them from uncertain conditions. 

  • Personal Protective Equipment:

A HAZMAT or construction safety vests come under personal protective equipment. It is full-body protective clothing that is resistant to water, flame, oils, biological and chemical hazards and much more. One can possibly wear them in extreme heat and cold conditions as well.

Final Thoughts 

Height safety installation is thus the most important part of worker safety. 

Keeping a good notice of these can lead to lesser fatalities and hence drop the percentage. 

Companies and contractors should abide by the rules taking proper measures to safeguard their workers. 

Always remember, choosing the right workplace safety gear along with proper training od your workers can effectively help mitigate the risks. 


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