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One of the main questions that comes into play when a traveler has purchased a campervan is where to store it when off the road. If you don’t have a place on your property to store it then you may have to look for an alternate place to store your winnebago during the weeks or months you are off the road. Fortunately there are a variety of options for any campervan traveler for storing your rig that will not ring your wallet dry and will assure the safety of your vehicle. It all comes down to knowing the particulars involved, so make sure to do your research before jumping into any storage possibilities. Here is what you need to know when starting your search for the perfect RV storage opportunity.

Official Storage Facilities

There are a number of different types of professional storage facilities that guarantee not only the storage but also the maintenance of your RV for as long as you need it. These facilities are climate controlled, well-guarded, and tend to look after the vehicles in their facility incredibly well no matter their size or the specifics of their makeup. One thing to keep in mind is that these facilities will cost the most out of any of the storage options. You definitely get a lot for your dollar and can rest assured that your vehicle will be in perfect condition whenever you go to retrieve it. So if you have the budget then this will be the way to go so research the storage facilities in your region.


This is one that you may not think of off the top of your head. Lots of RV dealerships also offer storage facilities for customers. These are generally located either at the dealership itself or at an off-lot location. In many purchase agreements this storage can be written in as an add-on of your maintenance services. If you plan on only storing the vehicle for short stretches of time, then this is definitely an option you may want to look at when making your buy. You can do your research ahead of time to locate the dealerships which offer storage options.

Friends’ Property

Even though you may not have the space on your property to comfortably store your RV, this doesn’t mean that a friend may not have space on their property where you can store your RV. This is a great way to save the money for Winnebago storage. One thing to keep in mind when storing your RV at a non professional place is that you will need to take some maintenance issues into account. You will want to have a tarp over the RV to protect it from the elements and also to make sure the doors are locked and that any open spaces are blocked off so that no animals can’t get in. Be careful not to have the RV stored outside, so if there is a shed or a garage on hand this will be better. A roof overhead is always preferred and will make for a much better storage run for your RV.

Your Property

If you’re lucky enough to have a space on your property to store your RV then this would of course be preferred since it won’t cost you any money or put a burden on your friends. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to keep the RV in an enclosed space and free from the hazards of the elements. Also don’t leave the vehicle sit for too long. Make sure to take it for a drive from time to time in order to keep the motor in fine shape and also check in on it to make sure there are no issues along the way. When you go to get your vehicle out of storage, this shouldn’t be the first time you’ve seen it since you originally put it into storage.

Parking Garages

Just like with cars, there are parking garages where you can store RVs as well. Some garages do have larger spaces for RVs, and this will definitely be a much cheaper option than one of the more upscale full service facilities. So make sure to look into the garages in your region and see if your local space has larger lots that will fit an RV.

Storing a winnebago doesn’t have to be a hassle and it doesn’t have to cost you a significant amount of money either. There are a wide range of possibilities for storing your vehicle from your own property or a friend’s property to parking garages, dealerships, and full service garages. It all comes down to your budget, your individual needs for your vehicle, and your preferences for storage. No matter which method you decide to go with, rest assured that there are many options for the storage of your RV.


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