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The tubeless tire is different from the usual one - it has a sealing layer 1.5 ... 2.0 mm thick, which is vulcanized to its inner surface. It is made from a mixture of natural and synthetic rubbers with low gas permeability.

On the sides of the tire there is a sealing rubber layer that provides the necessary tightness in the landing zone of the beads on the shelves of the wheel rim. This is facilitated by the special design of the tire beads, designed to increase the angle of inclination of the toe of the bead and increased interference of the beads on the landing flanges of the rim.

Advantages of tubeless tires:

The main advantages of tubeless tires compared to tube tires are:

increased reliability due to the lack of the likelihood of rapid depressurization, which improves safety at high speeds;

smaller mass and moment of inertia;

50 - 70% reduction in vehicle downtime on the way, as small punctures can be repaired with a special paste without removing the tires from the wheel;

10–12% greater mileage, which is achieved by the best temperature conditions due to enhanced heat transfer from the tire to the rim and the stability of the internal air pressure in the tire, as well as the absence of friction between the tire and the chamber;


At the same time, the use of tubeless tires requires accurate installation and dismantling. Damage to the side edges of steel, especially, can lead to depressurization of a tubeless tire. If the tire is damaged, it must be repaired by specialists in the equipment intended for this purpose.
In case of pressure loss, you cannot move on a flat tire. this will lead to the destruction of the hermetic layer.

What are tyres made of?

Natural rubber. Component mined from Brazilian Hevea juice. At the moment, it is most often used in the rubber composition of the sidewalls of models, I guarantee elasticity and resilience. Thus, maneuverability is significantly improved. The natural rubber has a white milky colour, so before they began to use synthetic rubber, the tires had a white colour.

Artificial rubber. The main element in a tire cocktail occupies a large proportion of the rubber composition and directly affects the running performance. Natural rubber was used throughout the lion's part of the 20th century until synthetic rubber (styrene-butadiene, isoprene, butyl rubber, etc.) was synthesized. The hardness of the rubber mixture depends on wear, adhesion and braking. That is the main technical properties. Depending on the purpose of the rubber, manufacturers indicate the necessary rigidity. For example, for high-speed models, the composition is used with more rigid rubber, and for classic rain models, it is softer (since such rubber adheres well to wet roads).

Carbon black (TU) or soot. The presented material occupies 1/3 of the composition and, as a rule, denotes such characteristics as wear-resistance and strength for the product. Also gives the product a distinctive colour scheme. Carbon black is synthesized by the destruction of natural gas, that is, in fact, this material is a waste from the extraction of natural gas. Tires produced in the USSR included a large share of soot, due to the readily available material. Unfortunately, this material is environmentally harmful, so every year manufacturers are trying to reduce its share in their products.

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