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It is believed that washing a car is often harmful. This is actually not the case. The machine needs to be washed when it can still be distinguished in appearance from the lawn. And better - more often. The problem here is not only that traffic cops will find excuses to stop you (obstructed number plate for example. The readability of registration marks, the visibility of headlights and brake lights, as well as the recognition of the color of the car, these are the things you could be bothered for in a traffic stop. But this is not the main thing. The car must be kept clean not only for aesthetic reasons but also to preserve the paintwork. Dust and dirt accelerate the destruction of this coating. When the car is moving, solid particles of dirt bombard the body at an appropriate speed, including due to vibration.

So, the car needs to be washed. The question remains, how often? Here the opinions of experts were divided. If you try to reduce them to a common denominator, you get about the following conclusion: for a car that is operated daily in the city, it would be nice to rinse it every day with a hose. Not everyone has such an opportunity. Therefore, it is necessary to wash the car using special shampoo at least once a week. It is advisable to use warm water, which makes it possible to wash even quite complex contaminants, but not hot, which can simply disfigure your car. Even in such a warm winter, when the temperature fluctuates plus-zero-minus, hot water can play a trick on the paint. If your car was white, then in the summer you will not look at it washed without tears. Strongly ingrained dirt or (suddenly, unexpectedly) formed ice should not be peeled off, scraped off, or cleaned off by mechanical means. Dirt requires special compositions for removal, ice - elementary thawing. All other measures are harmful to the paintwork.

There are three types of washing: manual, non-contact and automatic. The debate about the quality of one or another has long passed to the household level. On the one hand, manual washing - this is when people scuffle a car - has its advantages. A person sees where it is required to rub more strongly, where pollution is not washed by the chosen means, and decides to rub with something else. On the other hand, with the same rags, sponges, brushes, carefully rubbing the body, a person can damage the paintwork. Uncleaned dirt particles stuck in a rag or remaining on the sponge, like fine emery, scrape and scratch the coating. And, frankly, due to the fact that the car wash is put on stream (according to the principle: the more cars you wash, the more you earn), the quality of a hand wash is poor. An exception is those cases when the car owner is above the soul of the washer and points his finger at the flaws. But this process takes a lot of time, and it’s damp to follow the process like that.

Contactless washing is a process in which the hands of a washer with rags touch the machine only already at the stage of drying. After the mud has been “knocked down” from a car using a high-pressure apparatus, certain chemical composition is applied to the car using a low-pressure apparatus (in the common people “with a foam generator”), which dissolves deposits and ingrained dirt. After five minutes, with a stream of water from the high-pressure apparatus, this composition is washed off. Then apply special "drives", which allow you to get rid of water stains and wipe dry with suede.

Thus, the paintwork is protected from contact with dirty brushes and sponges. The quality of washing is quite high, although it does not save from heavily stubborn dirt.

It is also not known how aggressive the chemical environment is safe for old coatings, as well as for those places where there are chips or deep scratches.

Automatic washers are perhaps the most affordable way to wash a car. The process itself takes a little time, but the quality is poor. First of all, the washer must “knock down” dirt with water using a high-pressure apparatus. But even this will not protect your car from possible discoloration that is invisible to the eye. A fairly large number of cars pass through car washes. Brushes change quite rarely. A huge amount of particles of sand and dirt lurk in their hairy paws, which are quite capable of damaging the surface of the car. In addition, these rollers do not reach every point of the car. And the force with which they are pressed against the body is not always sufficient to wash off serious pollution. Therefore, when ordering such a sink, it is recommended to use a more expensive program, which assumes. If your looking to sell your car then you can do so by contacting Active car removal Sydney which offers cash for car service throughout out the region.


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